Immigration Law & Vendors


Section 9 of Act 2011-535, the new Alabama Immigration Law, requires that a Certification of Compliance Form and corresponding copy of the vendor one page E-Verify Company Profile Document be on file for certain vendors to whom contracts are awarded by the Auburn University system (including all AU, AUM, and ACES units). This provision goes into effect with contracts awarded on or after January 1, 2012.

There is no need for all vendors to take action at this time. Those vendors from whom this information is required will be contacted by an authorized member of the AU Procurement & Payment Services Staff, the AUM Procurement & Payment Services Staff and/or the AU Facilities Division. While the full provisions of this Act are being implemented, it may be necessary for a vendor to supply certification information more than once. Please bear with us as we attempt to meet the provisions of the law. Your patience is greatly appreciated!