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Mission Statement
The primary role of the Surplus Property Department is the distribution of excess University equipment to other departments for reutilization, transfer of items to other state entities, and the disposal of unsuitable items through public sales in an effort to recapture as much of their initial cost as possible.

Surplus Property's primary duties include the following:
  • scheduling and collection of excess property
  • cataloging and tracking of items received
  • advertisement and resale to other units of the University
  • advertisement and transfer to Alabama public schools and State governmental entities
  • advertisement and sale to the general public

Surplus Property brings the University into compliance with State law regarding the disposition of property, as well as contributing to the overall efficiency of the University, provides for the continued use of State funded equipment by assisting other Alabama public entities with their equipment needs, and generates additional revenue it might not otherwise receive.

All Surplus requests must be made through the Property Transfer application in SSB Finance tab. If you do not have access, please contact Information Systems Support at 844-5651.

Surplus Property Manager


1415 Pumphrey Avenue
Auburn, AL 36849

Office    334-844-4984


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