Event Registration


Employees who elect to take advantage of the "Healthy Tigers Initiative" can earn a $25.00 per month credit on their health insurance premiums (up to $300.00 per calendar year) OR $50.00 per month (up to $600.00 per calendar year if employee and spouse or sponsored adult dependent screen) by participating in a free annual health and wellness screening program that is provided through the Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center (AUPCC). The health screenings include completing a short health and wellness questionnaire; having a fingerstick blood test performed to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels; getting a blood pressure measurement; weight, body mass index (BMI), and percent body fat analysis.

Note: Sessions may fill quickly. If all of the appointment times for a date are greyed out, all appointments have been booked. Please try another date or check later for new postings.

Check the clinic location before registering (AUPCC, Mobile, AUM, etc.) to insure your appointment is at the desired location.