Assessment Resources

Assessment Focus Groups

  • The Office of Academic Assessment will facilitate a focus group with current students in your program addressing student learning- related topics at the program level. The program is responsible for creating 4-6 questions, recruiting student participants, and providing a location for the focus group. A representative from the Office of Academic Assessment will facilitate the focus group, providing pizza to the students. Following, the assessment consultant will anonymously summarize the focus group data and meet with the program to disseminate the results. Click here for more information.

Assessment Opportunities

Customized Program Workshops Available

  • Workshops Available for Academic Degree Programs–topics include but are not limited to:
    • Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
    • Developing Student Learning Outcomes
    • Curriculum Mapping
    • Measuring Learning Outcomes – Best Practice
    • Developing Exams
    • Developing Rubrics
    • Becoming a National Leader in Learning Improvement
  • Facilitation–The Office of Academic Assessment can facilitate conversations with program faculty regarding:
    • Learning Outcomes Creation
    • Curriculum Mapping
    • Learning Improvement Initiatives

imProve Grant

The purpose of the imProve grant is to encourage high quality programmatic assessment work through financial support of selected projects. Projects or travel should directly benefit the program with an end goal of improving student learning at the program level. Banta, Jones, and Blaich (2009) reviewed 150 of the best examples of assessment in the nation AND only 6% of these “best” examples demonstrated learning improvement.

    The strongest examples of high quality assessment include three steps:
  • Gathering quantitative data to tell a story about student learning (Prove)
  • Identifying opportunities for program improvement (making a change)
  • Re-assessing and ultimately proving that your change was indeed and improvement (improve)

Approximately $10,000 is available each academic year for awards. Awards will be up to $2,000.

More information and application guidelines

Reporting Resources

Last Updated: April 10, 2018