Academic Honesty

Auburn University views academic honesty as critical to academic integrity and an important part of the educational process. In order for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in their career fields upon graduation from Auburn University, it is important that each student complete his or her own work. Because academic dishonesty is treated as a serious issue, this website has been created to:

  • give students the information and resources to avoid academic dishonesty

  • give faculty information on how to prevent academic dishonesty

Questions regarding Academic Honesty should be directed to:

Dr. James Emmett Ryan
Provost's Office

The information presented here contains excerpts from or summarizes parts of the Student Academic Honesty Code. See The Student Academic Honesty Code for complete, authoritative information on student academic honesty matters.

Faculty, staff, and students have the responsibility to help enforce the Student Academic Honesty Code.

Last updated: May 28, 2019