The Academic Advising team

Academic Advising

Advising is a continuing conversation between advisor and student. It centers on the discussion of academic matters, career plans,clarification of goals, information on internships, additional educational opportunities, and other related topics. In this conversation, the advisor serves as a guide and mentor, drawing upon other campus resources for assistance with this responsibility. One important aspect of this conversation is the planning of an academic program and the keeping of accurate records of the student’s progress towards completion of that program.

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College/School Academic Advising List

College of Agriculture
103 Comer Hall
(334) 844-4768

Raymond J. Harbert College of Business
147 Lowder Business Building
(334) 844-4049

College of Engineering
1210 Shelby Center
(334) 844-4310

Exploratory Advising Center
101 Mary Martin Hall
(334) 844-7277

Interdisciplinary Studies
125 Cater Hall
(334) 844-5725

College of Liberal Arts
321 Tichenor Hall
(334) 844-4026

School of Pharmacy
2316 Walker Hall
(334) 844-8348

College of Veterinary Medicine
(334) 844-2685

College of Architecture, Design,and Construction
120 Dudley Hall
(334) 844-5350

College of Education
3464 Haley Center
(334) 844-4448

School of Forestry and Wildlife Science
3301 Forestry and Wildlife Science Building
(334) 844-1050

Honors College
Katharine Cooper Cater Hall
(334) 844-5860

College of Human Sciences
266 Spidle Hall
(334) 844-4790

School of Nursing
710 South Donahue
(334) 844-6754

College of Sciences and Mathematics
249 Sciences Center Classroom
(334) 844-4269

Last updated: June 04, 2019