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Community Pharmacy Residency Program

Resident works at the counter in Adams Drugs

General Information

The Community Pharmacy Residency Program is a combined program offered by Auburn University and Adams Drugs. The program is designed to provide the resident a unique experience through postgraduate education and training to build the necessary knowledge and skills required to care for patients in the community setting. The resident will learn how to take responsibility for the outcomes of medication use by their patients through patient interview, evaluation, assessment, and monitoring. The resident will be trained in distributive services, business administration, health and wellness interventions, immunizations, disease state education and monitoring, medication therapy management services, point of care testing, documentation of services, and billing. This will provide residents the confidence to practice in all areas of community pharmacy while remaining patient-centered clinicians.

The resident will be a candidate for appointment as an affiliate assistant professor at the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy.

Throughout the year, the resident will be responsible for:

  • Distributing medications in the community pharmacy setting
  • Identifying, evaluating, resolving, and monitoring potential medication-related problems
  • Conducting comprehensive medication therapy management
  • Supervising and providing oversight of employees and pharmacy students
  • Billing for clinical services
  • Delivering individualized and group education for patients with a variety of disease states
  • Participating in the pharmacy benefit management for specific health plans
  • Performing pharmacoeconomic evaluations
  • Participating in committees
  • Developing and implementing new business models in the community setting
  • Designing, planning, and completing clinical research
  • Conducting point-of-care testing for preventative care and medication monitoring:
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight loss
    • Dyslipidemia management
    • Immunizations
    • Tuberculosis screening/TB skin testing
    • Osteoporosis screenings
    • INR monitoring
    • Diabetes management and HbA1c testing
    • Biometric health screenings

The program is in Candidate Status to satisfy all ASHP PGY1 Community Pharmacy Standards and is conducted in a manner to provide the resident with the opportunity and stimulus to develop skills, competencies, and professional expertise in pharmacy practice.

Residency Experiences

Adams Drugs

Adams Drugs has ten locations within Montgomery and the surrounding areas. The primary site for this residency will be Adams Drugs located on Perry Hill Road, which is on the east side of the city. This state-of-the-art pharmacy strives to set the highest standards in community pharmacy practice. The Perry Hill Drive location also contains a wellness clinic to promote wellness and disease prevention and education to the community.

AUPCC and SEIB Wellness Center

The Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center (AUPCC) and the State Employee Insurance Board (SEIB) Healthcare Clinic are pharmacist-staffed clinics that provide care to employees of Auburn University and the State of Alabama and their families. Services offered through the clinics include medication therapy management services (MTM), disease state management, and wellness and disease prevention including health screenings and immunizations. The clinics also serve as training sites for AU Harrison School of Pharmacy students.


The resident will be required to staff one Saturday every three weeks. Some holiday staffing may be required throughout the year.

Teaching Certificate Program

The resident will have to opportunity to participate in a teaching certificate program. This program is optional, but a formal commitment is required within the first month of the residency year.

Miscellaneous Information

There is one PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident position available. The term of the residency will be July 1 through June 30 (12 months). The resident will receive a $40,000 stipend for the 12 month appointment. Additional benefits include annual and sick leave, health insurance, on-campus parking privileges at Auburn University, and travel to one professional meeting per year. The resident will also be provided with dedicated office space, a laptop, iPad, and iPhone to use during the residency, and IT support. The resident will be required to complete certification and credentialing in medication therapy management and biometric screening, which will be fully funded by the program.

Last Updated: March 29, 2017