Pharmacy Health Services

Vision and Mission

Employees within PHS work together

PHS Vision
All employees within PHS work together to provide the highest quality of patient care services that meet or exceed the expectations of our patients, colleagues, and stakeholders. All of our team members take pride in their work and embrace their role in ensuring the quality of care they provide. PHS is recognized for innovative practice models, advanced pharmaceutical care, inter-professional relationships, professional leadership, and educational excellence.

PHS Mission
It is the mission of Auburn University’s Pharmacy Health Services to develop an integrated, interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers that work seamlessly to provide the highest quality of medical and pharmacy services for our patients and strive as a team to optimize the economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes of medication use and wellness interventions among all of our patients.

PHS Educational Mission
The PHS pharmacies and clinics are state of the art training sites for community and ambulatory care pharmacy practices. The three pharmacies and two clinics promote inter-professional care teams by serving as training sites for pharmacy and medical students and residents, nursing and nurse practitioner students, and students in other allied health profession training programs. PHS also offers the opportunity to conduct research through collaboration with both students and residents. We strive to provide a comprehensive educational program to prepare students and residents for successful careers as the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Last Updated: November 8, 2017