Auburn Pharmacist Spotlight: Alison Baker

Alison Baker Dr. Alison Baker (HSOP Class of 2010) recently took over as Pharmacy Manager in the AU Employee Pharmacy.

January 26, 2015

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.Periodically, the Harrison School of Pharmacy will highlight one of its students, faculty members, staff members or alums. This month, we will feature Dr. Alison Baker.

Baker is a 2010 graduate of Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy and was recently hired as the manager of the Auburn University Employee Pharmacy, a full-service pharmacy located within the Harrison School of Pharmacy that serves the Auburn University community. Last year, the Employee Pharmacy saw more than 6,000 patients and filled more than 53,000 prescriptions. Employees using the pharmacy combined to save more than $400,000 in copays last year. Learn more about Baker and the services at the Employee Pharmacy here.

How did you decide to come to Auburn?
Although I was born in Tuscaloosa, I am grateful that my parents, who are Auburn alums, instilled their love for Auburn in me from the beginning. I stood out from the crowd, wearing orange and blue to preschool while the majority of my classmates wore crimson and white. When I was five, my family moved to Auburn and my parents continued to cultivate the Auburn spirit in me. I grew up cheering "Two Bits," yelling "War Eagle," attending all types of university events and dreaming of the day that I would attend Auburn University as a student.
I completed my undergraduate coursework at Auburn, received my Doctorate of Pharmacy from the Harrison School of Pharmacy in 2010 and began a career in retail pharmacy. I married an Auburn alumnus and Auburn is now our home. We have two preschool children and enjoy taking them to campus events and watching their love for Auburn grow. Recently, when our 2-year-old noticed an "AU" on a metal oval on her grandfather's belt she said, "That's Auburn." As an alumna, I am very much aware of the quality of the program at the Harrison School of Pharmacy and was ready for the challenge of this career change when the position at the Employee Pharmacy became available. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to developing my career at Auburn University while providing exceptional care for my fellow employees.

What made you decide to pursue a pharmacist position at the Employee Pharmacy?
This position allows me to combine my desire to care for patients with my love for Auburn. What better place to invest my time and experience, continue to grow in my career and promote the place that provided my education? There is a sense of community on the Auburn campus, as well as in the Harrison School of Pharmacy, that makes it feel like home. It is refreshing to work and collaborate on a daily basis with professional colleagues of all ages in this familiar academic setting.

What experiences have prepared you to be the pharmacy manager?
As a pharmacist with a retail chain for the last five years, I was provided with many opportunities to strengthen my pharmacy experience in various locations. As a pharmacy student, I relocated to Orlando, Florida, for a summer to work as an intern for the company. I actually started my professional career in Georgia before returning to this area in 2013. My experience in various locations exposed me to a wide variety of patients with a myriad of health concerns. I am grateful to have worked under the supervision of exceptional pharmacy managers who have exemplified the traits that I will need to excel in a management position. My desire is to use my experience and education to benefit the patients of the Employee Pharmacy. My goal is to be a resource where our patients can receive premium care and information regarding their medications, and to do so in the most convenient and inexpensive way.

What aspects of your new position are you most excited about?
I am excited about providing pharmacy services in an educational environment, where we have the resources of the pharmacy school at our disposal in benefiting the Auburn University employees who are our patients. My desire is to establish strong personal relationships with our patients and assist them in getting the most benefit from their medication in the most cost-effective way through the TigerMeds program. TigerMeds provides reduced medication copays for patients of the Employee Pharmacy, with many generic medications available to them free of charge. It saves patients money on prescriptions, while also helping save Auburn University on medical benefits to hold down the cost of health insurance premiums for employees. The information and advice we provide about medications should be consistently accurate, and patients should see us as an easily accessible resource for them.

What is the most important thing you want your patients to know?
I want our patients to know that not only can they depend on us to fill their prescriptions, but they can also trust us to be a source of information about the drugs being prescribed for them. We take pride in providing exceptional personalized care for our patients. The Employee Pharmacy is conveniently located on Auburn's campus, inside the Walker Building, and we also offer prescription delivery services at no cost to the patient. We are an approved specialty pharmacy for Auburn University's health insurance plan, so patients can get their specialty medications conveniently on campus. We exclusively serve all Auburn University employees and their dependents, offering services to ensure the safety, effectiveness and affordability of their medications, and it is our pleasure to do so.

Alison Baker
Alison Baker


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