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Kimerly Braxton Lloyd Kimberly Braxton Lloyd
Assistant Dean for Health Services
Director, Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center (AUPCC)

Department: Pharmacy Health Services
Auburn University
Harrison School of Pharmacy
2155 Walker Building
Auburn, AL 36849
Email: lloydkb@auburn.edu
Phone: 334-844-4099
Fax: 334-844-4019

Curriculum Vitae

B.A., Chemistry - Huntingdon College
B.S., Pharmacy - Auburn
Pharm.D. - Auburn

Kimberly Braxton Lloyd, Pharm.D. is the Assistant Dean for Health Services and serves as the Clinical Director of the Auburn University Pharmaceutical Care Center (AUPCC) and the Pharmacy Officer for the Auburn University Department of Employee Benefits. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

Dr. Braxton Lloyd is a native of Cottondale, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama and worked as an environmental chemist while she attended pharmacy school. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees at Auburn University.

Following graduation, she completed three years of post-doctoral training including a one-year Pharmacy Practice Residency at The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia and a two-year Pharmacoeconomics Fellowship with the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina and Glaxo-Wellcome, Inc. in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

She joined the faculty of Auburn University’s James I. Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP) in 1998. In 2007, Kimberly completed a one-year fellowship with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) in preparation for academic leadership.

One of Dr. Braxton Lloyd's first tasks after joining HSOP was to develop and implement the AUPCC which opened for business on January 31, 2000. This program has grown over the years, and has now expanded to a Health Services division which includes the AUPCC pharmaceutical care clinic and two retail pharmacies that are located on campus- one that serves AU students and another that serves AU employees.

The Health Services division also contracts with self-insured groups throughout the state to provide medication therapy management and health and wellness services for insured populations. The AUPCC serves as a training site for introductory and advanced practice experience in primary care and community pharmacy practice for HSOP pharmacy students and post-doctoral residents.

Her fields of expertise include women's health and pulmonary pharmacotherapy and she is very interested in promoting health and wellness. Her teaching responsibilities include contributions to integrated pharmacotherapy (IP) and contemporary aspects of pharmacy practice (CAPP) where she provides instruction on women's health issues such as menopause, osteoporosis, and breast cancer.

She also teaches the women's health elective and provides early and advanced practice experience training in primary care. Her research areas include providing pharmaceutical care services for employee populations, pharmacoeconomics, women’s health, and pulmonary pharmacotherapy.

Dr. Braxton Lloyd has served as the chairperson for the Alabama Department of Public Health Office of Women’s Health Advisory Board since 2004 and is the second woman in Alabama to chair this distinguished advisory committee. She has been a member of the board since its inception in 2002. She has served on the Alabama Pharmacy Association's Board of Trustees since 2006. She is also active in AACP, ASHP, and ACCP. She has served as the advisor for the Student National Pharmacy Association (SNPhA) since 2000 and is the current advisor for the HSOP Chapter of the Committee of 19 at Auburn University. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi, and Kappa Psi.

Dr. Braxton Lloyd was honored by HSOP pharmacy students in 2001 when she received the Hargreaves Faculty Mentor of the Year Award. In 2002, she received state recognition for her work in the AUPCC when she received the Alabama Pharmacy Association’s Innovative Practitioner of the Year Award, and again in 2005 when she received the APA Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award.

Last Updated: February 27, 2017