Harrison School of Pharmacy

Faculty and Staff Directory

The Harrison School of Pharmacy has more than 50 full-time faculty members and more than 30 administrative/professional staff members. A full listing of HSOP faculty and staff can be found below with links to the left for departmental directories.

For a listing of each department and office in the Harrison School of Pharmacy, click here.

Academic Departments:
Drug Discovery and Development | Health Outcomes Research and Policy | Pharmacy Practice
ÊName ÊTitle ÊEmail
Courtney Alexander Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacogenomics
Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist
Kaitlin Alexander Associate Clinical Professor kam0082@auburn.edu
Rajesh Amin Associate Professor rha0003@auburn.edu
Kaylen Anderson Administrative Assistant kca0012@auburn.edu
Miranda Andrus Clinical Professor andrumr@auburn.edu
Robert D. "Rusty" Arnold Professor rda0007@auburn.edu
Kevin Astle Assistant Clinical Professor kna0018@auburn.edu
Negaar Baadi Pharmacist in Charge, Student Pharmacy nmb0023@auburn.edu
Leigh Ann Ballard Executive Coordinator lab0007@auburn.edu
Alison Baker Coordinator of Distributive Services, CHS
Pharmacist in Charge, Employee Pharmacy
Subhrajit Bhattacharya Assistant Research Professor szb0050@auburn.edu
Lisa Black Office Manager lkb0003@auburn.edu
Areonda Blanding Pharmacy Technician III, Student Pharmacy arb0023@auburn.edu
Chuck Bolivar Instructional Technology Specialist IV rcb0002@auburn.edu
Dave Brackett Coordinator of Clinical Services, CHS brackpd@auburn.edu
Kimberly Braxton Lloyd Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs & Outreach
Gilliland Professor
Marilyn Bulloch Associate Clinical Professor
Director of Strategic Operations
Stephanie Butler Student Services Coordinator, CHS stephanie.butler@auburn.edu
Angela Calderon Associate Professor aic0001@auburn.edu
Daniel Caldwell Manager, Information and Instructional Technology dc@auburn.edu
Kori Caldwell Development Officer caldwks@auburn.edu
Amy Carbajal Chief Operations Officer akc0022@auburn.edu
Dana Carroll Clinical Professor dgc0001@auburn.edu
Margaret Caruso Graduate Student Clinician hsoppsc@auburn.edu
Charlotte Cheatham Coordinator of Student Services ccc0010@auburn.edu
Edward Chou Associate Professor czc0109@auburn.edu
Allison Chung Associate Clinical Professor chungam@auburn.edu
Randall Clark Gilliland Professor clarkcr@auburn.edu
Sarah Vest Cogle Assistant Clinical Professor sev0002@auburn.edu
Matt Crouch Manager, Communications and Marketing mcrouch@auburn.edu
Don Davino Instructional Technology Specialist IV davindr@auburn.edu
Jack DeRuiter Hill Crest Professor deruija@auburn.edu
Murali Dhanasekaran Professor dhanamu@auburn.edu
Spencer Durham Associate Clinical Professor
Director of Alumni & Professional Affairs
Missy Du Toit Human Resources Generalist msd0055@auburn.edu
Lea Eiland Associate Department Head & Clinical Professor eilanls@auburn.edu
Marcia Farrar Administrative Support Associate maf0079@auburn.edu
John Folmar Contract Specialist folmajt@auburn.edu
Brianna Foster Development Coordinator III b.foster@auburn.edu
Amanda Fowler Manager, Post Graduate Education treadal@auburn.edu
Brent Fox Associate Professor
Director of Student Affairs
Georgia Fox P2 Curricular Coordinator wavramg@auburn.edu
Lisa Fricks Administrative Support Associate II, SWC laf0029@auburn.edu
Courtney Gamston Professor of Practice (Experiential)
Ambulatory Care Clinician, CHS
Laurie Kenney Gann Coordinator III, Student Services kenneyl@auburn.edu
Renee Garmon Administrative Support Associate I, SEIB rrg0009@auburn.edu
Kimberly Garza Associate Professor kbl0005@auburn.edu
Michael Grayson Specialist III, Information Technology mzg0016@auburn.edu
Scott Gulley Practice Manager, SEIB wsg0001@auburn.edu
Allison Guy Nurse Practitioner, SEIB amw0077@auburn.edu
Richard Hansen Dean
Gilliland Professor
Glady's Heard Mobile Curricular Coordinator gth0013@auburn.edu
Allison Helmer Associate Clinical Professor amm0085@auburn.edu
Bobby Helmer Associate Clinical Professor rsh0011@auburn.edu
Laura Hendrick Pharmacist in Charge, SWC Pharmacy leh0019@auburn.edu
Kelly Hester Associate Clinical Professor hesteek@auburn.edu
Lindsey Hohmann Assistant Professor lah0036@auburn.edu
Natalie Hohmann Assistant Professor nsh0010@auburn.edu
Connie Hollingsworth Associate II, Finance cmh0116@auburn.edu
Lori Hornsby Associate Clinical Professor hornslb@auburn.edu
Kayleigh Hornsby Administrative Support Specialist jameska@auburn.edu
Samantha Howell Administrative Support Associate II sag0027@auburn.edu
Amber Hutchison Associate Clinical Professor martiam@auburn.edu
Cherry Jackson Professor cwj0002@auburn.edu
Jenny Johnston Graduate Student Services Administrator jmj0025@auburn.edu
Victoria Jones Pharmacy Technician II, CHS vaj0001@auburn.edu
Paul Jungnickel Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Amal Kaddoumi Professor kaddoumi@auburn.edu
Jan Kavookjian Associate Professor kavooja@auburn.edu
Kristi Kelley Clinical Professor watsokm@auburn.edu
Sarah Kimble Lead Pharmacy Technician II, Employee Pharmacy scd002@auburn.edu
Alexei Kisselev Associate Professor afk0006@auburn.edu
Erika Kleppinger Associate Clinical Professor kleppel@auburn.edu
Kathy Kyle Skills Lab Coordinator kylekat@auburn.edu
Feng Li Assistant Professor fzl0023@auburn.edu
Wesley Lindsey Associate Clinical Professor wtl0001@auburn.edu
Katelin Lisenby Associate Clinical Professor kmh0003@auburn.edu
Catherine Loosier Professor of Practice (P1) csl0008@auburn.edu
Karen Marlowe Assistant Dean-Mobile Campus
Associate Department Head
Davis Professor
Rebecca Maxson Assistant Clinical Professor maxsora@auburn.edu
Emily McCoy Associate Clinical Professor ekm0010@auburn.edu
Lena McDowell Assistant Clinical Professor mcdowld@auburn.edu
Michael Miller Director, AURIF millem1@auburn.edu
Amit Kumar Mitra Assistant Professor akm0060@auburn.edu
Tim Moore Associate Dean for Research
W.W. Walker Professor
Lindsey Edwards Moseley P1 Curricular Coordinator lre0001@auburn.edu
Shereka Murray Administrative Support Associate I, AUPCC srm0060@auburn.edu
Surachat Ngorsuraches Associate Professor surachat@auburn.edu
Bernie Olin Associate Clinical Professor olinber@auburn.edu
Peter Panizzi Associate Professor prp0003@auburn.edu
Paige Patterson Assistant Director Business Operations lanfokp@auburn.edu
Greg Peden Executive Director Clinical Health Services pedengc@auburn.edu
Scott Penzak Department Head
Haley Phillippe Associate Clinical Professor phillh1@auburn.edu
Maggie Phillips Administrative Support Assistant II phillm4@auburn.edu
Gary Piazza Department Head
Nathan Pinner Associate Clinical Professor nap0003@auburn.edu
Jingjing Qian Associate Professor
Director of International Programs & Diversity
Jay Ramapuram Professor ramapjb@auburn.edu
Alexis Ramos Manager of Animal Care Unit azr0096@auburn.edu
Tanja Redd Academic Programs Coordinator tanjaredd@auburn.edu
Miranda Reed Associate Professor reedmir@auburn.edu
Ashley Reid Health and Wellness Specialist, CHS arr0043@auburn.edu
David Riese Gilliland and Franklin Professor driese@auburn.edu
Karen Roath Accountant II kar0076@auburn.edu
Megan Roberts Professor of Practice (P2) mes0034@auburn.edu
Sylvia Rogers Consultant, Scholarship & Professional Development ser0043@auburn.edu
Jeanna Sewell Assistant Clinical Professor mjsewell@auburn.edu
Olivia Shanks Coordinator of Student Services oww0001@auburn.edu
Jianzhong Shen Professor jzs0019@auburn.edu
Cathy Sherk Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, SWC cjs0075@auburn.edu
Nicole Slater Associate Clinical Professor nas0023@auburn.edu
Chris Smith Lab Manager cds0023@auburn.edu
Forrest Smith Professor
Director of Graduate Programs
Sean Smithgall Assistant Clinical Professor ses0131@auburn.edu
Anna Solomon Facilitator solomae@auburn.edu
Pamela Stamm Associate Professor stammpl@auburn.edu
Jessica Starr Associate Clinical Professor jas0003@auburn.edu
April Staton Director of Experiential Operations and Co-Curriculum statoag@auburn.edu
Taylor Steuber Assistant Clinical Professor tds0038@auburn.edu
Lynn Stevenson Executive Director Experiential Programs tls0002@auburn.edu
Vishnu Suppiramaniam Professor suppivd@auburn.edu
Dan Surry Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Strategic Initiatives
Joanie Toland Pharmacy Technician II, CHS jlw0089@auburn.edu
Daniel Trujillo Director of Assessment dantrujillo@auburn.edu
Danielle Waites Patient Care Coordinator, CHS dcw0037@auburn.edu
Salisa Westrick Department Head
Sterling Professor
Heather Whitley Clinical Professor whitlhp@auburn.edu
Kaleia Williams Research Associate ksw0016@auburn.edu
Marian Williams Administrator, Academic Programs mow0001@auburn.edu
Charles Woosley Director of Recruiting caw0012@auburn.edu
Brad Wright Hill Crest Associate Clinical Professor
Director of Professional Program

Last Updated: March 23, 2021