Mobile Campus

Three photographs of the Moblie Campus building and entrance


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The Harrison School of Pharmacy Mobile Campus offices and classrooms are located in the former Health Services Building located on the University of South Alabama campus. The Mobile campus allows HSOP to admit an additional 24 students per year.

Interior facilities are virtually identical to those on the Auburn campus in terms of team rooms, furnishings, lecture halls, and technology. The curriculum received by student-pharmacists on both campuses are identical. Students are Auburn University students. Students compete for admission with all other applicants, participate in the same student organizations, are eligible for the same scholarships, grants and loans, and pay Auburn tuition. Mobile graduates will receive a diploma from Auburn which will denote that their work was completed on the Mobile campus.

Student-pharmacists in Mobile are part of the Auburn classroom via videoconferencing. This technology allows them to interact with their counterparts at Auburn by seeing and hearing everything that goes on in the classroom, including views of the professor, Auburn students and the presented material. The two large classrooms show on two screens the professor and their material (from a piece of paper to pills to Power Point Slides). This synchronous interaction can be accomplished from both Auburn and Mobile, regardless of the origin.

Other aspects of the curriculum and meetings are held synchronously in team rooms, seminar room, and CAPP Lab which also have video conferencing capabilities that can incorporate course material.

Last Updated: February 20, 2017