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Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry sponsors a weekly colloquium program that covers all fields of chemistry. Scientists who have made important contributions to their areas of research present these lectures. The colloquium series offers students and faculty the opportunity to interact directly with other leaders in their fields of specialization and to gain a good overview of the entire range of chemistry. Many arrangements for postdoctoral positions, future research collaborations, and professional employment develop from the interactions of faculty, students, and visiting scientists. In addition to the departmental seminars, students participate in weekly seminars in their chosen area of chemistry.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia - Sarah Reisman

Nov 03, 2016 03:45 PM
Location: SCC 115

Sarah Reisman
California Institute of Technology
Host:  Brad Merner

Title: Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Natural Products and the Chemistry they Inspire

Abstract:  The chemical synthesis of natural products provides an exciting platform from which to conduct fundamental research in chemistry and biology. We are currently focused on devising concise approaches to complex polycyclic natural products such as ryanodol, acutumine, and members of the diterpenoid alkaloids. The densely packed arrays of heteroatoms and stereogenic centers that constitute these polycyclic targets challenge the limits of current technology and inspire the development of new synthetic strategies and tactics. This seminar will describe our latest progress in both our methodological and target-directed synthesis endeavors.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia - Adam Veige

Nov 10, 2016 03:45 PM
Location: SCC 115

Adam Veige
University of Florida
Host: Chris Goldsmith

Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia - Jeffrey Johnston

Nov 17, 2016 03:45 PM
Location: SCC 115

Jeffrey Johnston
Vanderbilt University
Host: Brad Merner

Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia - Elisa Tomat

Dec 01, 2016 03:45 PM
Location: SCC 115

Elisa Tomat
University of Arizona
Host: Anne Gordon

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