Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia

   The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry sponsors a weekly colloquium program that covers all fields of chemistry. Scientists who have made important contributions to their areas of research present these lectures. The colloquium series offers students and faculty the opportunity to interact directly with other leaders in their fields of specialization and to gain a good overview of the entire range of chemistry. Many arrangements for postdoctoral positions, future research collaborations, and professional employment develop from the interactions of faculty, students, and visiting scientists. In addition to the departmental seminars, students participate in weekly seminars in their chosen area of chemistry.


Fall 2014 Colloquium Schedule
Refreshments at 3:30 pm, Seminar from 3:45 - 4:45 pm
Chemistry Building, Room 134




Title   and Web Address

Sept 11

Stuart Loch
Auburn University

 Orlando Acevedo


Sept 18

 Marco Bonizzoni
Univ. of Alabama

Anne Gorden 


Sept 25

David Graves
Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham
Konrad Patkowski Abstract

Oct 2

Ian Pimienta
Troy University
Konrad Patkowski Website 

Oct 9

Amit R. Reddi
Georgia Tech
Steve Mansoorabadi Website

Oct 16

FALL Break

Oct 23

Jim Leahy
Univ. of south Florida

Stewart Schneller


Oct 30

Kimberly Petersen
Univ. of North Carolina

Edward Parish


Nov 6

Eric M. Ferreira
Univ. of Georgia

Brad Merner


Nov 13

Elizabeth T. Papish
Univ. of Alabama

Chris Goldsmith


Nov 20

Nathan Hammer
Ole Miss

Rik Blumenthal


Dec 4

 Dr. Ramest Jasti
Boston University

Brad Merner



Spring 2014 Colloquium Schedule
Refreshments at 3:30 pm, Seminar from 3:45 - 4:45 pm
Chemistry Building, Room 134

Date  Speaker  Host Title and Web Address
Jan 23

Nanette Chadwick
Auburn Biology

Anne Gorden Academic Sustainability Initiatives on Campus
Jan 30

Mario Alpuche
University of Nevada, Reno

Chris Easley Electrochemistry of Semiconductor Nanoparticles: Single Nanoparticle Detection and Size Dependent Thermodynamic Properties
Feb 6 Joan Hevel
Utah State
Orlando Acevedo Biological methylation signals--how are they governed in protein arginine methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1)?
Feb 13 Jim Leahy
Univeristy of South Florida
Stewart Schneller Adventures in Discovery ­ Lessons Learned in the Search for Small Molecule Drugs
Feb 20 Allen Landers
Auburn Physics
Konrad Patkowski Multiparticle Coincident Imaging: Atomic and Molecular Dynamics, One Interaction at a Time
Feb 27 Patrick Frantom
University of Alabama

Holly Ellis

Investigating Functional and Regulatory Diversity in an Enzyme Superfamily

Mar 6 Daniel Nocera
Harvard University
Wei Zhan The Artificial Leaf - 4:00 pm Chemistry Building 134
G.M. Kosolapoff Award Lecture
7:00 pm Reception
8:00 pm Science Center Auditorium
The Sustainocene and Global Energy Challenge
Mar 20 Mark Morvant
University of Oklahoma
Stewart Schneller

Digital Content to Engage Students: Organic
Chemistry Laboratory iBooks and iPad in a Large Lecture Course

Mar 27 Stefan France
Georgia Tech
Bradley Merner Ring Opening Cyclizations as a Means to Access Chemical Diversity
Apr 3 Marilyn Tourne
Tuskegee University
Curtis Shannon

The Tourne Research Group: Exploring the Environment, Education, and Explosives

Apr 10 Xinyu Zhang
Auburn Polymer
Anne Gorden Synthesis and applications of nanostructured organic conductors
Apr 17 Charles L. Brooks III
University of Michigan
Orlando Acevedo

Probing the electrostatic environment of proteins with constant pH molecular dynamics

Apr 24 Steven Wheeler
Texas A & M
Orlando Acevedo Understanding Non-Covalent Interactions Involving Aromatic Rings





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