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Chemistry and Biochemistry Colloquia

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry sponsors a weekly colloquium program that covers all fields of chemistry. Scientists who have made important contributions to their areas of research present these lectures. The colloquium series offers students and faculty the opportunity to interact directly with other leaders in their fields of specialization and to gain a good overview of the entire range of chemistry. Many arrangements for postdoctoral positions, future research collaborations, and professional employment develop from the interactions of faculty, students, and visiting scientists. In addition to the departmental seminars, students participate in weekly seminars in their chosen area of chemistry.

Chemistry Colloquium - Isaac Garcia-Bosch, Southern Methodist University

Jan 23, 2020 03:45 PM
Location: SCC - 115

At this Chemistry Colloquium, Dr. Isaac Garcia-Bosch from Southern Methodist University will present a talk titled "Copper-Promoted Functionalization of Organic Molecules: Structure, Spectroscopy and Mechanism". The host is Dr. Byron Farnum.

Chemistry Colloquium - John Stanton, University of Florida

Jan 28, 2020 03:45 PM
Location: SCC - 115

At this Chemistry Colloquium, Dr. John Stanton from University of Florida will present a talk titled "My Longterm Relationship with a Difficult Molecule". The host is Dr. Vince Ortiz.

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