Automatic Cool Pages List

This list was generated using a Harvest Broker Search for "cool". It is difficult to see why some pages are selected. Others are very obvious. Some pages are "cool", others have links to "cool" pages. Still others seem to be "on the edge".

If this were a real person's home page I think you would make some assumptions about his/her personality, interests, and lifestyle.

  1. Internet Server Access from the Australian National Botanic Gardens
  2. Evolutionary Robotics
  3. WorldWide Access (SM) Home Page
  4. Cool Software, Inc.
  5. The Graduate Institute of International Studies World-Wide Web server
  6. DFWNet HOME Page
  7. Organitecture
  8. Ranulf Doswell's Home Page
  9. LSU Libraries
  10. Big 'ole WWW home page
  11. Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page
  12. Clueless Croatian's Home Page
  13. Jeff's Home Page
  14. Index of /pub/multimedia/pictures/asia/hongkong/hkpa/popstars/
  15. mgn/software
  16. Office of Senator Edward Kennedy
  17. MIT Canadian Club
  18. Tom Molin
  21. Index of /
  22. CNLS Welcome
  23. Allegro
  24. DoD Information Systems Technology Insertion
  25. AI Research Group
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