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What they mean and represent

The Lone Walk

"The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been."
   - Alan Ashley-Pitt


Left: This logo serves as the official symbol of the Harold A. Franklin Society.
Right: This picture, which inspired the logo, is of Dr. Franklin as he walks past Samford Hall, leaving campus on the first day of classes in 1964.


The official HAFS colors are Green & Black.

  • The color green symbolizes growth, restoration and strength.
  • The color black represents the blindness that we as minorities are striving to overcome. This color also represents the elegance and sophistication of our members.


In the lone walk photo, Dr. Franklin carries an umbrella under his right arm. This umbrella represents the overarching cover of unity and brotherhood that The Franklin Society encourages.


In the same photo, Dr. Franklin carries a stack of books in his right hand. These represent our thirst for knowledge and a firm commitment to academic excellence.

Oak Tree

The oak tree represents the strength, firm moral convictions, and tremendous growth of our members.