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About Us

Who We Are

Seeking the need for social and educational reform for underrepresented students at Auburn University, in Spring 2008 the Auburn University chapter of the Harold A. Franklin Society (HAFS) or simply "The Franklin Society" was formed.

In 1964 Harold A. Franklin was admitted to Auburn University as the institutionís first African-American student. Although Dr. Franklin did not complete his studies at Auburn University, he went on to pursue a renowned career in Higher Education at many institutions throughout the southeast. Dr. Franklinís courage, perseverance, and achievements served as inspiration to create the organization bearing his name.

Along these lines, the development of this organization is in recognition of all underrepresented students who have exemplified leadership, academic excellence, and have made significant contributions to the advancement of Auburn University.

The Organization
The Franklin Society consists of HAFS Membership and The HAFS Volunteer Network:

HAFS Membership is comprised of Cabinet and Executive Council. Cabinet is the governing body of the organization, and the executive council is responsible for administering activities and programs of The Franklin Society.

The HAFS Volunteer Network consists of everyone who supports The Franklin Society by coming to meetings, participating at events, and assisting with HAFS Community Service Initiatives. This crucial group of supporting individuals is essential for the success of all Franklin Society endeavours.

Organizational Chart