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No one tells the Auburn story better than our students, and the Students Recruiters do just that. Student Recruiters are the student representatives at Auburn academic events such as War Eagle Day, TALONS Day, and regional receptions. They lead visits of the Auburn campus and are ready to provide a student’s point of view of what makes Auburn a truly special place. Because of their love for Auburn University, the Student Recruiters volunteer their time and talents to share their Auburn message with prospective students and families.

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Auburn University Student Recruiters

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How can I become a Student Recruiter?
Applications traditionally go out the first week in February and are due toward the end of February. Applications are turned in online, and you will sign up for a first round interview at that time. Please check this website for updates about the application in February of each year.

When are Student Recruiter interviews?
Interviews are held the two weeks before Spring Break. There are two rounds, with call backs for the second round being at the end of the first round interviews. The amount of people called back for the second round will vary based on how many people tryout and the caliber of our applicants.

What is the dress for each interview?
The first round interview is business casual and the second round interview is business professional.

What will I do if I become a Student Recruiter?

  • If you become a student recruiter, you will work two office hours per week. Expect your office hour to last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours.
  • You will give campus tours to prospective students and their families during your office hours and at one home football game each year.
  • Some recruiters are chosen to assist the Office of University Recruitment staff in traveling to recruitment events both in the state of Alabama and throughout the southeastern region.
  • After every tour you give, you will write postcards to the prospective students on your tour.
  • All recruiters are required to assist with War Eagle Days and TALONS Days throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters.
  • Have the honor of being a part of the incredible group of Auburn students who recruit the future students of our fantastic University.

How many Recruiters are accepted each year?
The organization consists of fifty-six recruiters and four officers.

Where is the Student Recruiter Office?
The Quad Center.

I plan on being here in the summer. Is there summer work available?
Yes! We give tours throughout the summer.


Last updated: 02/09/2021