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Sample of Poems discussed in Eighteenth-Century Women Poets and their Poetry: Inventing Agency, Inventing Genre

I would like to thank the Eighteenth Century Collections Online for permission to post poems from their database.


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Anne Finch, "To a Friend in Praise of the Invention of Writing Letters" (1713)

Mary Masters, "I shall keep your Correspondence as Misers do their Gold" (1755)

Jane Brereton, "On Seeing Mrs. Eliz. Owen, now Lady Longueville, in an embroider'd suit..." (1744)

Elizabeth Carter, "To ---" ["The Midnight Moon serenely smiles..."] (1733)

Mary Savage, "Letter to Miss E. B. on Marriage" (1777)

Mary Masters, "Upon the Same: To my Infant Niece; her little Sister dying..." (1733)

Elizabeth Singer Rowe, "Hymn I" (1709)

Anne Finch, "To Death" (1713)

Helen Maria Williams, "Sonnet, To The Strawberry" (1795)

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, "Constantinople: To [William Feilding]" (1767)

Mary Jones, "In Memory of the Rt. Hon. Lord Aubrey Beauclerk" (1750)

Charlotte Smith, "A Walk by the Water" (1804)

Mary Savage, "The Disaster" (1777)

Mary Barber, "Apollo's Edict" (1734)

Charlotte Smith, "Sonnet: To the Insect of the Gossamer" (1819)

Elizabeth Tollet, "The Portrait" (1755)