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ENGL 7780: Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexualities
Fall 2017

Dr. Paula R. Backscheider
9082 Haley Center
(334) 844-9091
Office hours: Thursday, 2-4 and by appointment

Required Texts:

Custom Broadview Course Text (in Haley Center Bookstore) - The Broadview Anthology of Restoration & Early Eighteenth-Century Drama, ed. J. Douglas Canfield and Maja-Lisa von Sneidern (Broadview Press, 2017).

Charlotte Bronte, Villette (Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2005).

Henry James, The Bostonians (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009).

Edward Kimber, History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson (Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2008).

Charlotte Lennox, Euphemia (Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2008).



22: Edward Kimber, History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson

29: Continued. "The Declaration of Independence;" *From Paul Cheney, Cul de Sac: Patrimony, Capitalism, and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue, 42-4, 71-74, 82-3.

Oh, write to me constantly, write me pages and volumes. Tell me the dress thou wearest, ... tell me thy dreams, -- any thing: so but talk to me, and of thy self.... Think only, my dear girl, upon the gratification which the perusal, and the reperusal fifty times repeated, will afford me... --Matthew Flinders, midshipman British Navy, to his wife Ann


5: John Dryden, All for Love. What is a Man?

12: Thomas Otway, Venice Preserved. Debate.

19: *George Haggerty, "Heroic Friendship" from Men in Love, 23-43; Londa Schiebinger, "Skeletons in the Closet: The First Illustrations of the Female Skeleton in Eighteenth-Century Anatomy," Representations 14 (1986): 42-82, in J-Stor.

The Custom of our Country inslaves us from our very Cradles, first to our Parents, next to our Husbands; and when Heaven is so kind to rid us of both these our Brothers still usurp Authority, ... so that Maids, Wives, or Widows, we are little better than Slaves to the Tyrant Man. --Susannah Centlivre, The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret

26: *Susan Bordo, "The Body and the Reproduction of Femininity" from Unbearable Weight, 165-84; *Teresa DeLauretis, "The Technology of Gender."


3: *A.G. Roeber, "'The Origin of Whatever Is Not English among Us': The Dutch-speaking and the German speaking Peoples of Colonial British America" from Strangers within the Realm, ed. Bernard Bailyn and Philip Morgan, pp. 220-21, 226-30, 234-37. Charlotte Lennox, Euphemia. To Chapter XXIX, p. 179.

10: Continued. Complete novel.

17: Continued and application of secondary and theory readings.

A man in general is better pleased when he has a good dinner than when his wife knows Greek. --Samuel Johnson

24: *Linda McDowell, "Introduction" and "Home, Place and Identity" from Gender, Identity and Place: Understanding Feminist Geographies; *Elizabeth Bohls, "At home with the 'blackies': Janet Shaw and Maria Nugent" from Slavery and the Politics of Place.

31: Henry James, The Bostonians, to Chapter 25, p. 225.

We turn to poems in moments of crisis. --Jennifer Benka, Executive Director of the Academy of American Poets, 2017


7: Continued. Complete novel.

14: *Stuart Hall, "Signification, Representation, Ideology"; *Emily Bobrow, "The ManTrap," The Economist: 1843 (June-July 2017), 86-91.

28: Charlotte Bronte, Villette, to Chapter 17, p. 248.


5: Continued. Complete novel.

Research Presentations

*Indicates the reading is on Canvas.