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ENGL 7800 - Feminist Contributions to the Rise of Mass Popular Culture


This seminar employs brief introductions to theories in the fields of performance studies and popular culture theory to study contributions made by women writers and actresses to the creation of mass popular culture. We will work with two times and examples. In each, creators broke with accepted and admired literary and dramatic practices in times of national, social crises. Each has resonances with our own time and offers opportunities for literary genre studies. The first uses the early career shapes of Anne Finch and Eliza Haywood to trace the path to attaining the status of mass popular culture (1720-1750). Among these are subversive art, marketing, and especially branding. The second is built on methodologies from the first and intersects with the abolition movement in the 1780s and 90s. In many ways, literary writing was a popular sport. For example, playwrights had set a standard for comedy and all ambitious poets had to write competitive sonnets. The seminar examples in late century come from, first, the performances of a delightful, comic actress who began bringing humanity and pathos to characters performed as a Black woman or servant boy. Second, in the same years, the most established and “classical”women poets turned their fame and skill to producing propaganda poems for the cause.

Representative readings: The British Recluse, The Mercenary Lover, The Rash Resolve, The Critic and the Writer of Fables, An Epilogue to the Tragedy of Jane Shore, Inkle and Yarico, Sappho and Phaon, The Black Man’s Lament or, How to Make Sugar, Plymouth in an Uproar, The Negro Girl, and The Surrender of Trinidad.

The seminar is primarily discussion. Members will write and present a contextual report, a short paper on two works by the same actress or writer, and an incrementally developed final paper on a theme of their choice in the seminar. It will satisfy the theory requirement; it may also be used to satisfy one of the following requirements: Diversity; Pre-1800; Genre. 

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Graduate Courses

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Undergraduate Courses

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