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ENGL 7800: Introduction to Cultural Studies (2011)


  1. A. I feel as though her teaching style was extremely effective in evoking creative and very dialogic discussions.
    B. I have no suggestions. All was well thought out.
  2. A. Dr. Backscheider thoroughly understands the subject related issues. We've read her work published on this subject. At first, she intimidated me, but her kindness & consideration for students proves that she is an amazing teacher as well as a brilliant scholar.
    B. This was my favorite class this semester. I wish we had more class time, but I don't think that's practical.
  3. A. Dr. Backscheider is extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and is obviously concerned with students' learning the material. She is sometimes difficult to approach with questions or concerns as she maintains a rather intimidating demeanor.
    B. Class was generally well-conducted, even if things didn't always go the way Dr. Backscheider wanted them to. Organization and reading material choices were excellent, if sometimes excessive (Clarissa and Bakhtin, anyone?)
  4. A. She knows everything, which is daunting, but when you do well and she gives a rare compliment it means more than any other teachers ever could
    B. Because class conversation was so lively we rarely get to all the readings.
  5. A. Very effective
    B. The smaller the class the better.
  6. A. Dr. Backscheider challenged everyone one of my assumptions and exceeded all expectations. I have never felt so excited & engaged, and I hope to have another of her courses.
    B. Everything was spot-on.
  7. A. Another amazing class from Dr. Backscheider: helpfully & thoughtfully organized, creative, useful assignments & readings. Thank you for expanding my pool of ideas & methodologies to use in my scholarship.
    B. No comment.
  8. A. This class was amazing; I always left feeling that my mind was expanded.
    B. One copy of syllabus for both the assignments & readings because it was hard to keep up with.
  9. A. This was a great class. I learned a lot & finally understand theory. Well done, PB.
    B. Please don't have two separate copies of the syllabus.