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ENGL 7800: Introduction to Cultural Studies (2005)



Optional Questions:

  • Dr. Backscheider, again, proved to be an incredibly effective instructor. She is challenging and motivating.
  • This was a very informative class and I feel like Dr. Backscheider encouraged me to do my best work. No suggestions.
  • I’m really glad I took this course. Dr. Backscheider met all my (high) expectations, both as a scholar, a professor, and as a human being. I’m happy I could have her as a professor before I leave Auburn.
  • The instructor was the most knowledgeable professor I have had at Auburn University. If it were not for this class and the enthusiasm w/ which Dr. Backscheider communicated the material, my semester would have been only mediocre at best. The course should have roundtables about works other than Clarissa. It was the best day of the course and I think the other works could benefit from this method of discussion.
  • Enjoyed the class! Learned so much!
  • Dr. Backscheider’s command of the field is indisputable; I felt, however, that many classes were overstructured. The readings were on the whole carefully selected and useful.
  • It has been fun. Lots of work, lots of learning. I’d do it again!
  • I think I’ve learned a lot about the 18th century that I would have not ventured outside this class. Dr. B was always very helpful and nice when I went to her office for help.

Students Could Respond Five Ways:

A: Strongly Agree, B: Agree, C: Neither agree nor diagree, D: Disagree, or E: Strongly Disagree:
Optional 1: My reading skills improved as a result of this course.
Optional 2: My instructor increased my understanding of literature.
Optional 3: My instructor increased my appreciation of literature.
Optional 4: My instructor's comments on my written work were helpful.
Optional 5: My instructor established reasonable office hours and was usually available during those hours.
Optional 6: Overall, my instructor was an effective teacher.