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ENGL 7170: British Literature 1660-1880 (2006)



Optional Questions:

  • Dr. Backscheider is an excellent instructor. I especially appreciated that her syllabus was so well-constructed-- there was absolutely not one wasted reading.
  • Dr. B was always willing to meet with me about questions I had, and she was always very helpful. Excellent job overall.
  • Dr. Backscheider is obviously extremely familiar with the subject matter and presented the material in terms that were interesting, insightful, and helpful. She shows immense concern for her students. Her teaching through questioning is very effective.
  • Excellent-- tough.
  • I definitely know I learned in this course; I think performance studies theories were harder for me to understand, but I feel that I am beginning to get it. I enjoyed this course; it was challenging in a good way! Thank you.
  • Dr. Backscheider is one of the few grad-level professors who is actually a good teacher, as well-- she always made very clear how to complete any assignment. Made me a better student!
  • Dr. B was very effective. All of the readings and assignments for the class greatly improved my understanding of performance studies. No suggestions.
  • Dr. Backscheider's class is rigorous but I loved every minute of it! She is a wonderful teacher.

Students could respond five ways:

A: Strongly Agree, B: Agree, C: Neither agree nor diagree, D: Disagree, or E: Strongly Disagree:
Optional 1: My reading skills improved as a result of this course.
Optional 2: My instructor increased my understanding of literature.
Optional 3: My instructor increased my appreciation of literature.
Optional 4: My instructor's comments on my written work were helpful.
Optional 5: My instructor established reasonable office hours and was usually available during those hours.
Optional 6: Overall, my instructor was an effective teacher.