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ENGL 4370: Restoration and Eighteenth-Cetnury Literature (2007)


Optional Questions:

  • She understood the subjects she taught backwards and forwards. She presented material in an interesting manner. She had funny lectures that would go off on semi-related tangents. She leads discussions well and has lots of enthusiasm.
  • Mrs. Backscheider is the nicest, ablest, and liveliest teacher of literature I have had.  Anyone who gets excited about lewd heroic verse can be nothing short of the best in their field.
  • 1) Dr. Backscheider was by far the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She presented the material so that it was entertaining and never boring.  I always looked forward to coming to her class and I will definitely miss it!
    2) No, the organization of the course was just right
  • 1) Dr. Backscheider was very effective.  Occasionally discussion was slow, but that was always our own fault, and once it got going it was always interesting.
    2) No.  I always liked when we did group work.  If I had any suggestions, I would say incorporate more of that.
  • 1) Dr. Backscheider was a GREAT teacher.  I felt like she was always prepared for class and the questions that were asked.  She was likeable and easy-going.  She seemed to enjoy teaching us the material.
    2) The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the literature.  Hogarth was interesting but overall I was bored with the reading.  I guess it was just personal taste.
  • 1) Dr. Backscheider is extremely good at what she does.  She has been an immeasurable asset to my undergraduate education.  She makes learning fun and exciting and holds high standards (but is willing to help those who need it in order to reach that high standard).  A+
    2) I think Dr. Backscheider has it all under control
  • 1) Dr. Backscheider was a wonderful teacher who stimulated my thinking and presented a great course, though intimidating at times.  She motivated me to do my best work and be prepared for class
    2) No, I thoroughly enjoyed this course.
  • Dr. Backscheider has been amazing.  I knew that she set the bar high and it really motivated me to do my best.  She took a time period I had no interest in and made it fascinating.  She perfectly fused history and literature.  I loved this class.
  • 1) A wonderful job, as always.  Lively discussions, frank observations, and surprisingly good drawings always helped to liven up what could have been a deadly dull class.
    2) Perhaps include a small bit of Defoe?  I know he is a part of your “past,” but I would have liked to have read some of his work.
  • Dr. Backscheider was very effective.  I can’t honestly say that most professors at Auburn motivate me, but she does.  She leads discussion well; they are always logical, interesting, informative, and entertaining.  I also know that she really cared about this class and whether or not we understood the material.  My reading skills, especially poetry, have improved by a lot!  I think she manages her classroom very effectively and is overall an excellent teacher.
  • I am a history major and my focus is 18th C. Britain.  I thought this was a fantastic course, not just because of the excellent literature selection, but also because Pkrb :) does a phenomenal job providing historical context to the works we study.  I learned as much about the culture of 18th C. Britain as I did the authors and their works.  This is such an important period in history – it is relevant for modern U.S. (and modern civilization) and she did a great job teaching it.  Love her.
  • 1) Dr. B has a vast knowledge of the subject and explains her thought process in a very matter-of-fact meets dry humor way.
    2) I hate forced participation
  • 1) Dr. Backscheider is the best teacher I have encountered at Auburn.  She has shown me a new perspective of literature while challenging me.  I looked forward to each of her classes.  I originally took this because it fit into my time slot.  I am very glad I was able to take it.
    2) I think everything ran smoothly throughout the class.  No changes.
  • This is by far the best class I have ever taken at Auburn.  Dr. Backscheider is a wonderful professor.  Although the class was challenging it was also fun.  I would have never thought I would like 18th Century British Lit, but everything we read was very interesting and fun to discuss.  I never wanted to miss a day!  I will gladly take Dr. Backscheider again for anything else she teaches while I am still in school!
  • Dr. Backscheider is one of the most enjoyable professors I have had an English class from here at Auburn.  She is an effective and engaging communicator, encouraging students to do their best work and to participate in classroom discussion.  Not only did we explore the texts themselves; we also explored the time within which they were produced.  Because of this, I now have a framework for looking at Eighteenth Century texts in general – not merely the ones we explored in class!  Even though Dr. B gave me the first B grade I have ever received on a paper, I wouldn’t trade this class for anything.  Overall, the class was an enjoyable and enlightening learning experience.
  • 1) She was well-versed in the subject matter and always able to answer most leftfield questions.
    2) The only problem with a course that focuses on Drama is that something is lost when one can’t see a performance inclusion of a film unit or collaboration with the Theater Department would help greatly.
  • 1) Professor Backscheider was incredibly effective.  Her knowledge of 18th Century literature is outstanding, and her teaching skills are very strong.
    2) I liked it.  It worked very well.
  • Very good at making us aware of the historical context of the literature and themes/ trends that effected the authors. – Very helpful on an individual basis.

Students could respond five ways:

A: Strongly Agree, B: Agree, C: Neither agree nor diagree, D: Disagree, or E: Strongly Disagree:
Optional 1: My reading skills improved as a result of this course.
Optional 2: My instructor increased my understanding of literature.
Optional 3: My instructor increased my appreciation of literature.
Optional 4: My instructor's comments on my written work were helpful.
Optional 5: My instructor established reasonable office hours and was usually available during those hours.
Optional 6: Overall, my instructor was an effective teacher.