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ENGL 4370: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature (2005)

Optional Questions:

  • This was my favorite course this semester because of the variety of genres and types of literature that we studied. There was never a boring class.
  • Very effective, very difficult.
  • I think Dr. B is highly effective. She is always prepared and extremely helpful. Plus she makes class fun which helps.
  • I really enjoyed this class. Admittedly, I was not very excited about the time period at first because I always thought it was boring, but this class changed that. I loved learning the quirky things – personality traits, physical characteristics, etc. about the authors we studied. The unit on hymns was especially interesting because I took for granted that music has not always been part of church services. I also liked the “no lecture” policy – it made class discussion much more interesting and motivated me to do my homework, knowing I might be called out!
  • Dr. B taught us things that were both subtle and interesting. Although the reading assignments were often intense, she made sure you were prepared. This was a good thing and of course it stimulated the class’ thinking.
  • Dr. Backscheider is the best teacher I have had at Auburn University ! She has taught me not only how to analyze literature but to view tv shows and movies as literature and evaluate them as well. She taught me to better understand things through popular culture. She also established my confidence in myself as a writer and as a scholar. She deserves a raise!
  • Dr. Backscheider effectively organized the class through allowing the students to comment on the pieces of literature instead of just listening to a lecture. She remained enthusiastic throughout the semester and stimulated my mind through debates and in class presentations.
  • Enjoyed the class. I would have liked to engage more with the written texts in class, for example, by reading specific passages and discussing those thematic concepts instead of asking general questions about the works, and then discussing them.
  • I’ve never had so many reports/debates in one class, but they were fun (in the dorkiest way possible) and helpful. I would take any class Dr. B taught. Period.
  • Dr. Backscheider is an absolutely brilliant teacher. She makes the time come alive and makes people genuinely interested in it. She helps students out, and even when they get a wrong answer, she encourages them to try harder in the future. She’s one of the best teachers at Auburn and I would love to be her student again.
  • Dr. Backscheider is a unique teacher. Her understanding and knowledge of the subject matter challenged me to know more. She has a wealth of information that she makes readily available for her students. She also recognizes different abilities within her students, that student may have found or thought to be lacking within themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this class.
  • In this course, I especially enjoyed the wide area of subjects covered. We read novels, poetry, plays, and observed art which truly helped to get a great idea of Restoration Lit. Dr. B was always very positive which made me want to do my best. Keep up the reports and debates – they keep students involved! Overall, this class was fun.
  • Dr. Backscheider’s knowledge of 18th Century Literature is very thorough. She not only knows about the literature, but also about what life was like and this helped to explain a lot of things better.
  • Classes were very interesting, even when the subject matter may have been difficult. Dr. Backscheider did her best to vary the assignments so that they were fun and helpful. This was a challenging class, but I learned a lot and really enjoyed myself.
  • Dr. Backscheider seemed extremely knowledgeable about every subject we covered in class. She managed to make each class interesting. She seems to have a great concern for the students and their education/ understanding of the subjects. Worked very well with us and showed a lot of enthusiasm for teaching.
  • Dr. B was wonderful. She knew more background information about the 18th Cen. that helped so much in understanding the material. She helped me formulate my thoughts on my paper, which would have been a puzzle without her.
  • I have never learned more or thought more in any of my classes at Auburn so far. I loved every day in class and the experiences and knowledge that I will take with me for the rest of my life.
  • Dr. B was AMAZING! I wish that I would have taken her courses a long time ago. She goes above and beyond her duties to make certain that ALL of her students succeed!! She was always so helpful whenever a problem arose, and her class is one of the only ones that I have been in where there was so much class participation!
  • Students could respond five ways:

    A: Strongly Agree, B: Agree, C: Neither agree nor diagree, D: Disagree, or E: Strongly Disagree:
    Optional 1: My reading skills improved as a result of this course.
    Optional 2: My instructor increased my understanding of literature.
    Optional 3: My instructor increased my appreciation of literature.
    Optional 4: My instructor's comments on my written work were helpful.
    Optional 5: My instructor established reasonable office hours and was usually available during those hours.
    Optional 6: Overall, my instructor was an effective teacher.