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ENGL 4370: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature (2003)

Optional Questions:

  • Dr. B is brilliant and has a passion for teaching that was blatantly evident. She taught interesting material and was very flexible with her lessons to accommodate our interests. Learned much and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • This was absolutely one of the best classes I have taken at Auburn University and it was because of Dr. Backscheider. I really enjoyed the debates and I think they should be kept in the syllabus for the course. I loved this class and the teacher.
  • Dr. Backscheider was a great teacher. I thought it was great how she brought in other elements like prints and hymns.
  • 1) Very effective instructor. Good insight, especially in grounding things/literature to make them approachable and understandable.
    2)Less poetry- more fiction (my personal preference).
  • 1) She was very effective, I learned a ton from her class and enjoyed it so much. She is the best teacher ever!
    2)Keep doing an amazing job. J
  • Amazing! She’s perfect!
  • Dr. Backscheider is an excellent professor, because she genially cares for each of her students. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to learn under her. She expanded my mind! Thank you Backscheider.
  • Dr. Backscheider was an effective instructor because of the constant interaction with her students. She makes learning a treat.
  • Dr. Backscheider was a very effective professor. She made a subject with strong potential to be very boring into one that is very interesting. I am very glad I took this class!
  • Enjoyed this course so much more than I ever thought I would. Backscheider was a very supportive and encouraging teacher. Wish I could take this course again.
  • Dr. Backscheider is great! This is one of my favorite classes at AU. She is very knowledgeable and approachable. I wish I could take more of her classes.
  • Hands down, best class I’ve ever taken. The material was presented in ways I have never seen a teacher do before. I am leaving this class with more knowledge than I have ever retained. Keep up the awesome work, Dr. B!
  • Great class; challenging but great. Expectation for papers could be made clearer.
  • 1) She was a REALLY GREAT teacher.
    2) No suggestions for improvement.
  • 1) Great teacher thoroughly enjoyed the class.
    2) No suggestions for improvement.
  • I feel I have a much greater understanding of 18th century literature because of Dr. Backscheider. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class.
  • On a side note, I have enjoyed this class very much. As a graduating senior I much appreciate the new ideas and authors this class has exposed us to. Thank you!
  • She was a very effective teacher and the best teacher I have had at Auburn in the past three years I’ve been here. She’s inspiring, supportive, and wonderful. We love her, and I hope I have her again!
  • Students could respond five ways:

    A: Strongly Agree, B: Agree, C: Neither agree nor diagree, D: Disagree, or E: Strongly Disagree:
    Optional 1: My reading skills improved as a result of this course.
    Optional 2: My instructor increased my understanding of literature.
    Optional 3: My instructor increased my appreciation of literature.
    Optional 4: My instructor's comments on my written work were helpful.
    Optional 5: My instructor established reasonable office hours and was usually available during those hours.
    Optional 6: Overall, my instructor was an effective teacher.