Chambers County Community Health and Wellness Center: Speech and Hearing

A speech and hearing clinic was held in August 2022 in LaFayette, AL. Screenings were offered for speech (pronunciation, voice, quality, and stuttering), language (understanding, speaking, memory, and reading), and gearing concerns for children and adults. An audiologist and speech-language therapist were available to answer questions.

For more information about this clinic, contact Erin Reynolds-Peacock at (334) 844-9600 or

6 to 8 million Americans have some form of language impairment and 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss in at least one ear.

Stay connected to the people who matter to you by keeping your hearing functioning at its best. This helps you feel a part of something, helps you perform at your best, and keeps your mind stimulated and sharp.

A young woman uses an otoscope to check an older woman's ear canal
An older woman performs a vocalization exercise with a young child
Two women pointing to the same date on a calendar

Beyond just verbal communication, speech-language pathology can enhance your potential to understand others. It can also help you with swallowing and breathing issues and give you skills to organize and identify thoughts, needs, and feelings to help build meaningful relationships with others.


Last Updated: October 20, 2022