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Healthcare Program

Group of volunteers poses behind table of donated health supplies in Ghana, Africa.

Ghana is located on the west coast of Africa and is known for its diversity of languages and people. It has a rich heritage and unique mix of cultural groups. Despite its colorful culture and background, some Ghanaian communities lack many of the medical resources available in the United States.

Together with Auburn’s School of Nursing, Outreach Global sent eight Auburn nursing students, two faculty members and five staff members from Outreach Global to Ghana this spring. The mission of the trip was to medically serve the people in the towns of Sekondi in the western region and Nkanfoa in the central region, and leave them equipped to better serve themselves medically.

Outreach Global and the School of Nursing together conducted a drive to supplement already donated supplies collected by Outreach Global. In total, 10 boxes of health supplies and 30 boxes of academic books were collected for use during the trip and to donate to the local hospitals.

Partnered with the University of Cape Coast, the third largest public university in Ghana, Auburn nursing students and faculty set up free health clinics in the two towns, treating anyone who came to be treated. In all, Essamuah-Quansah estimates more than 600 patients were seen in a span of four days.

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Faulu Academy

Dr. Cook poses with children from Faulu Academy giving a thumbs up.

In 2012, the Dr. Ndumi Faulu Academy was established in Mabafweni, Kenya. Auburn alumna, Esther Ngumbi and her parents organized the school with only 14 students in a mud-structure classroom.

With the Ngumbis' dedication and hard work, along with the collaboration and support from Auburn University Outreach, Auburn student and community groups, and Outreach Global, Faulu Academy has since grown to 110 students in grades 1-8, and a larger complex of classrooms, a library, and four greenhouses, which produce food for the school and community.

The Auburn-Faulu Academy collaboration continues as efforts are underway to establish professional development programs for the teachers, new youth activities, and improve technology and internet access.

Destination Malawi

Malawi is a life-changing learning opportunity for Auburn University students in the College of Education. The specific goals of the program for students are to:

  • contribute to students’ professional development through awareness of cultural influences on education, learning, and the human condition
  • gain an understanding of best practice in curriculum and teaching in general education
  • increase students’ self-confidence and self-reliance
  • stimulate a desire for exploration and trying new things
  • expand student’s ability to interact in unfamiliar situations

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Last Updated: June 22, 2018