Kristeen Knight

Kristeen was recently featured in OANow's Breast Cancer Awareness Month article.

Kristeen KnightI am a young woman who had the wind knocked out of my sail. I was a stay at home mom trying to figure out why my infant son was not reading yet. Then on November 14, 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB ER+ breast cancer. From that day on, my life would never be the same.

Kristeen Knight posing with her son and AubieI am originally from the small town of Camden, AL. My husband and I moved to Auburn for work after my graduation from Troy University. I immediately feel in love with my new home town. After my son was born we decided that I should stay home (okay I declared I was staying at home). Everything was progressing normally until start having trouble with my left breast. First it was just pain and swelling. I was breastfeeding. Those are everyday norms. Then I noticed bloody milk. We follow normal protocol for such a situation—antibiotics and compresses. After the first round of antibiotics, a mammogram was order. However, I did not have health insurance. That is when the East Alabama Medical Center Foundation stepped in and was a Godsend. Mrs. Collen Alsobrooke arranged for a mammogram and later a biopsy.  A 10cm tumor was found in my left breast. Then the fun began.  I had a double mastectomy, 8 treatments of chemo, about 40 radiation sessions, and a total hysterectomy.

However, that is not ME! That was cancer. I have a family and life to resume. I am a determined person who hopes that no one will ever have to suffer through cancer or any illness alone. I advocate through many organizations but most importantly here at home with EAMC. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week kayaking with First Descents, an organization that send young cancer survivors on a week long journey. It was the trip of a lifetime! My other organizations are Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Sharsheret, Young Survivor Coalition, and of course American Cancer Society. But my proudest membership is Auburn Early Education PTO. To me, it means that I am a “whole” mom again. My goal is to become a survivorship coordinator. Many people do not realize that just because your scans are clear and treatment is over, the damage and struggle of cancer will never truly leave you.

Kristeen Knight kayaking

Last Updated: September 24, 2014