Mr. David Barranco

David Barranco

David Barranco is 57 years old and was born in Birmingham, AL. He grew up in Montgomery where most of his 90+ member family lives. He graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Accounting in 1976. (WAR EAGLE!) He and his wife Jeanne, also an Auburn graduate, have been married for 35 years and have 5 children: Jeff, Charlie, Ben, Andy & Lauren; all Auburn graduates as well! Mr. Barranco began his family business, Chappy's Deli, in 1989. He was the picture of health until diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2004. The lump size was 1.1 cm. Invasive ductile carcinoma stage 1. He began chemotherapy in August 2004 and through God's grace he is here with us today!

Last Updated: October 5, 2016