Auburn Spotlight, Morgan Gleason

“My goal is to share good and bad experiences, as well as ideas to improve the experience for patients.”
Morgan Gleason

Spotlight Interview

Morgan Gleason is a sophomore from Wesley Chapel, Florida, majoring in psychology. After being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called juvenile dermatomyositis at age 11, Gleason began making YouTube videos that went viral.  She now advocates for patient care and shares her journey by speaking at numerous conferences and writing a blog.

Why did you chose Auburn? 

Everyone in my family has gone to a SEC school, so I knew I wanted to go to one as well. I visited Auburn and fell in love with the campus.

What has your Auburn experience been like so far? 

I have really enjoyed attending school at Auburn so far. I loved football season and am looking forward to it starting again this fall. I’m involved in a few different organizations on campus, and I have met a lot of amazing people. Being seven hours from home, it is hard to go back to Florida on the weekends, but everyone here has made Auburn feel like my new home.

What is your work like as an advocate for patient care?

I speak at different health systems and conferences. My goal is to share good and bad experiences, as well as ideas to improve the experience for patients. I also write a blog and use social media as a way to share my experiences and to connect with others. 

Did you expect your first YouTube video to go viral? 

I had no idea that the video would go viral, and I was shocked to have it appear in Forbes, Huffington Post, Time and many other places. I didn’t realize that so many other people felt the same frustrations as I did. I have heard from many patients sharing similar stories, and I now know that people all over the world can relate to the experiences I had.

What is your favorite part about speaking at conferences? 

My favorite part is getting to share my ideas and experiences, as well as hearing from healthcare professionals that have applied something I said to their job.  I have been surprised by how interested doctors are in hearing my story and ideas.

What are your goals for the years to come? 

My goal is to become a chief patient experience officer for a health system or to have a consulting business where I can work with many health systems to improve their patient experience. I also hope to continue speaking at different conferences and hospital systems to share my story.