2017 Television Commercial


We appreciate the help and support of these individuals who participated in the filming of the commercial. These participants, alumni and fans all volunteered their time to join us in creating the spot. Thank you all for your time!

Tim Cook

Rachel Tulley

Apple Inc.

Robert Cofield

Gina Antonini

Tesla, Inc.

Laura Folse

Tia Foster

Neal Allred

Vanessa Balwick

BP Wind Energy

The Mehoopany Wind Farm

Carrie Williams

Comedy Central and Viacom

Ace Atkins

Locke Philips, Jim Weems & City Grocery Restaurant

Harold Melton

The Melton Family

Jacqueline Keck

Chika Asomugha

Brock Hendon

Clay Godwin

Lucy Neal

Student Government Association

Ed Miller

Claire Miller

Ric Smith

Thom Gossom

Jeff Steele

Darren Chamlee

Debbie Hood

Bryan Wilson

Zach Fisher & Lime Studios

Nienhuis Camera Services Inc

Boutwell Recording Studios

Robbie Lunday & Master Graphics

Tom Howard @ Stadium Facilities

War Eagle Productions

Auburn University Cheerleaders / Auburn Athletics

Student Volunteers

Auburn University Bookstore

Auburn Panhellenic and Auburn Interfraternity Council

Last updated: 08/30/2018