Auburn University Study Abroad -- Taiwan Program 2008 -- Photo Album

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Shu-Te University

Who are going?

Travel / First day in Taiwan

Love River Boat Ride (be patient, this is a video)

STU / NCKU / Tainan

Slow train ride (be patient, this is a video)

Opening Ceremony / NCKU International Design Forum

Taipei / Taiwan Design Center / YODEX

Palace Museum / CKS Memorial / Martyr's Shrine / Grand Hotel / Night Market

Karaoke @ Danshui (be patient, this is a video)

Design studio / Painting / Pottery

Metal craft / Glass work

Taiwan Glass Gallery / Lu Kang

NCKU ICID -- PSS Design Workshop

Chichin Beach

Interaction in Design Studio

Chinese Painting Class / Pottery Class

Metal Craft class / Glass class

Taiwan Furniture Museum / Dian Shin Exhibit / Tainan An Ping

Design Studio Presentation

Hong Kong / TTI Workshop

NDD / Confucious Temple / Museum of Taiwan Literature

Working @ the shop

More work @ the shop

Closing ceremony

Leaving Taiwan

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