Bret Smith, IDSA


Areas of Expertise:
Product Development
Exhibit and Package Design
Interactive Media Development
Design History
User Interface Design
Design Research

Bret has directed research and design projects for companies such as 3M, Mead Imaging, Broan-Nutone, Pipehorn, Eastman Specialty Plastics, and NASA, in addition to serving as an expert witness on human factors and product design.

Some of Bret's research projects include:

Design factors for aging populations
(an Auburn University Grant-in-Aid project)

Computer use in the design process
(funded research for IBM Corporation)

Color and business communication
(funded research for Mead Imaging)

Design concepts for the ISS habitation module
(funded research for Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace)

Additional areas of interest include: design history, user interface design, user behavior and its role in product design, design for manufacture and assembly, and low-volume design.

Educational Background:
B.S. Materials Technology - Purdue University
M.A. English - Purdue University
M.A. Industrial Design - Purdue University

Exhibit and Packaging (Third Year Studio)
Product Design (Third Year Studio)
Computers in Industrial Design
History of Industrial Design I
History of Industrial Design II

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