If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, your estimated cost for housing reflects the housing status that you reported on your admissions application.  If you need to correct your housing status, please do so in your Auburn Admitted Portal at aub.ie/admittedportal.

If you are a continuing student, we assume that you plan to live off campus.  If our assumption of your expected housing status is inaccurate, we encourage you to email finaid7@auburn.edu to request a change to your housing status.   

It is important that your expected housing status is correct so that you will be provided with the best estimate of your housing expenses.  Updating your housing status will either result in an increase or decrease in your overall estimated costs.  Depending on your eligibility as determined by your FAFSA, a change to your expected housing status may or may not affect the amount of aid that you are eligible for.  If a housing status change affects the amount or type of aid offered, you should expect to receive a revised aid offer.  Housing cost estimates are strictly estimates and will vary depending on your specific on-campus or off-campus housing choice.  The estimated housing status for financial aid is unrelated to the housing application status with University Housing.

The housing status options for financial aid are:

  • On Campus
  • Off Campus
  • With Parent/Guardian
  • Military Base Housing  
Last updated: 02/28/2024