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Learn about FMLA

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA proves 12 weeks of job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons for all full time employees.

Read more about the basic leave and military family leave including the eligibility requirements and forms.

  • For married couples, FMLA offers both spouses 12 weeks of leave on a rolling calendar basis.

  • All employees are encouraged to apply for FMLA if out for more than three working days due to serious health condition (self, spouse, parent, child).

Auburn University Leave

Employees can use a variety of types of leave including court and jury duty, poll workers, military, funeral, sick and annual. Find out more about the specific types of leave available for full time employees.

Contact the Office of Human Resources

If you have an HR-related question, contact Stephanie Woodley, 4-5872, or Katherine Calloway, 4-8698.

Issue 1 - March 2019

New nursing room with chair at a table

COSAM now offers a nursing room for new mothers. This newly remodeled room is located in Extension Hall and offers mothers an opportunity for privacy while nursing.

This room is for all new mothers whether faculty or staff. The room is located on the central floor of Extension Hall offering a convenient place for mothers. Contact COSAM's Office of Human Resources for more information.

Auburn University shared information about Community Service Leave that now is available for full-time employees. Community Service Leave may be used by tornado recovery volunteers, or by those who wish to volunteer for other community service activities. Below is information from Human Resources about administering Community Service Leave, including how to enter this leave into Kronos.

Please note the following:

  • Community Service Leave may be used retroactive to March 1 (March 3 for employees who are paid biweekly), and can be used until the end of this calendar year (Dec. 31).

  • Only full-time employees are eligible to use Community Service Leave.

  • Eligible employees can utilize up to 8 hours of paid Community Service Leave annually, and will not be required to use annual leave.

  • Community Service Leave can be used at one time, or incrementally (no shorter than one-hour increments).

  • It is not considered "time worked" and does not count toward the overtime calculation.

  • If it is not used by Dec. 31, 2019, it will not be paid out, and will not be paid out upon termination.

  • Unused hours do not roll over into next year.

  • Community Service Leave cannot be used to participate in partisan political events, such as campaigning or political rallies, but could be used to volunteer as a poll worker at voting locations during an election.

Employee Information

  • Full-time employees who wish to request Community Service Leave should do so in the time-off request section of Kronos (or on a paper leave request form, where relevant), just as they would request vacation or sick leave. As a reminder, Community Service Leave can be requested in one-hour increments, up to a maximum of eight hours annually.

  • Whenever possible, Community Service Leave should be approved in advance by the employee's supervisor.

  • Supervisors have the option of asking for documentation.

Supervisor Information

  • Supervisors have the responsibility of determining whether to approve an employee's request.

  • Whenever possible, supervisors are encouraged to support their employees' request, contingent upon the business needs of the functional unit.

  • Supervisors should help ensure that the leave request meets the spirit and the intent of the Community Service Leave benefit.

Timekeeper Information

  • If a paper time off request is submitted by the employee, timekeepers should ensure that the correct code, "CSL", is used on the request form (if used), and that all CSL taken is entered into Kronos.

IFor additional information, contact AU Human Resources at or (334) 844-4145.

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