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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


It’s Almost Here: Tiger Giving Day 2020

Tiger Giving Day will take place on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. What are COSAM's two projects? Click here to find out.


COSAM Alumnus Leads Technology and Science Division for the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, Federal Grain Inspection Service

“Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Take the scientific inquisitive mind and ask questions. Think of the big picture and where you fit within it. In addition to looking at the forest, think of the trees,” Dr. Jhee said. Learn more about the COSAM alumnus who is now the director of the Technology and Science Division for the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, Federal Grain Inspection Service.


Physics Post-Doc Analyzes Data to Provide Insight on Solar Winds and Magnetosphere

“Through my work, I help provide a better picture of how solar winds impact the Earth,” shared Dr. Feng Shi, a post-doctoral student in the Department of Physics. Check out how this post-doc graduated from Auburn University and returned to make a difference



Physics Students Form Auburn Astronomical Society

“There are more than 400 student organizations on campus,” Fulda said. “I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an astronomy club. I know there are people interested in astronomy and I’d like to share that with them.” Read more about this first meeting for the Auburn Astronomical Society.


Auburn Hosts SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference

Auburn University will host the 44th Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference on March 14-15, 2020. Learn more about this event including speakers from Caltech, Duke University and Emory University.


Passion for Teaching Inspires Educator to Return to the Classroom as a Student

“By conducting the extensive research for my doctoral degree, I have gained tremendous understanding of how science works and the importance behind the concepts,” Hall said. “I will be able to apply this knowledge back in the classroom.” Read more about this COSAM graduate student who is looking to make an impact on future generations once he receives his doctorate degree.

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