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Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Message from Dean Giordano – February 2020

"Giving back to the Auburn community not only enrichens the lives of our students and local residents, it creates a positive impact and promotes helping the common good among everyone," Dean Giordano explained. Learn more about why it is important to give back and the two COSAM projects for this year's Tiger Giving Day.


Auburn Researchers Awarded $590k Grant from NASA

“It is very rare in my experience for undergraduate students to bring a research project into a laboratory, and both Morgan and Natalie have worked diligently since the day they joined my research group and have made a lot of progress in identifying specific adhesives that have sporicidal activity and can be used to prevent microbial contamination of spacecraft that are searching for signs of extra-terrestrial life,” Dr. Liles shared. Find out more about this grant.


Computational Chemistry Graduate Student Takes Her Skills to a Post-Doc Position at Virginia Tech

“The Auburn University campus is absolutely beautiful,” Kodrycka said. “I often found myself walking through campus and marveling at the beauty that is Auburn University. I also really loved the immediate family you gain when you become an Auburn Tiger. I will hold a special place for Auburn no matter where life takes me.” Read more about this graduate who is now proud alumna and a post-doc at Virginia Tech.


Natural History Museum’s Amphibians, Reptiles Collection Continually Growing

“Genetic work is really useful in trying to understand how different species are related to one another,” Dr. Warner said. “A lot of times taxonomists may name a species but then after more genetic research is done looking at relationships of different populations within that species, you might realize there are actually two different species or three species. That’s one really nice thing about having those tissue samples, so people from other universities or here at Auburn can utilize those.” Find out more about this collection.


Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification

"In COSAM, we are consistently contributing to Auburn’s overall community engagement effort," explained Dean Giordano. Read more about why it is important that Auburn University renewed its Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification


Auburn Alumnus Travels More Than 4,000 Miles for Peace Corps and Meets Fellow Alumnus

“If I can help give even one person the skills and knowledge they need to impact change in their community, I’ll consider my service a success,” Brasher said. Learn about the impact this COSAM graduate is making in the world.

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