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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


2019 Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award Presented to Stewart Schneller

“I see my role as a mentor of young people in the most important time in their life that is transitioning from a teenager to a young adult,” Dr. Schneller said. Read more about this dedicated faculty with 26 years at Auburn University who makes an impact well beyond the classroom.


“I am excited to serve as a treasurer and director to get more involved,” explained Dr. Zou. Find out more about this honor and how he will help increase the visibility of the Department of Geosciences.


Dr. Hill Speaks on the Challenge of Remaining Objective in Scientific Investigations

“This is a problem that every scientific researcher in conservation biology faces,” shared Dr. Hill. Learn more about his talk "Balancing Dooms-day Projections with Optimism in Discussions of Wildlife Populations" in the Department of Biological Sciences.


COSAM Alumna Uses Experiences to Help Mentor and Teach Future Generations

“Everyone’s journey in graduate school will look different," said Kristin Zuromski. Find out more about this COSAM alumna who learned the importance of teaching before she began graduate school at MIT


Son of New York Auburn Alumni Pursues COSAM Degree

“Being able to put someone back together, there’s something to be said about how you can really change someone’s life,” Isaiah Pompo said. Learn more about this outstanding COSAM student.



Department of Physics Engages Students through Interactive Learning

“Making courses more interactive enhances the student experience at Auburn University and helps students learn through conducting their own research,” Dr. Dennis Bodewits shared. Find out more about how students had a chance to take on the role of professor in this applications of quantum mechanics class.

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