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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Message from Dean Giordano – December 2019

Learn more about the accomplishments of COSAM in 2019 through the Dean's end of the year reflections. Read his December message.


Auburn Graduate Discovers a New Atomic Process First Proposed by Auburn Researcher in 2010: Potential to Drastically Change Models of Astrophysical Plasmas

“This project resulted in an array of important data including that RER and the emission lines it produces might provide a new tool to measure elemental abundances, which in turn has the potential to resolve this discrepancy,” Nemer explained. Learn more about this discovery


Alumni Spotlight: The Loveliest Village on the Plains Sparked the Relationship of Chip and Aurelia Swann

Chip and Aurelia met in the fall of 1976 while studying in the old Saunders Hall on Auburn’s campus. The two 1977 graduates – Chip in the spring, Aurelia in the winter – quickly became friends and later started dating – eventually marrying on Sept. 9, 1978. Find out more about this couple that has been together for more than four decades.


Auburn Senior Pursuing Path to Become Surgeon through COSAM

“You really have to think about what you’re doing and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons,” Owen advised. “Take what you’re doing seriously and know that if you do aspire to be a health professional, know that what you’re doing now and those responsibilities you have now could affect your responsibilities later with other people’s lives as patients. Knowing that will probably help with the way you approach your studies.” See more about this outstanding COSAM student.


Auburn's Arboretum Unveils New Oaks' Alley Display

“Mrs. Pat Giordano took the initiative to make this outreach project a reality for the Auburn community, encouraging us to take advantage of the Lee County Master Gardener’s educational grant.  From this signage, visitors will be able to learn more about our native oaks and enjoy them along this trail,” explained the Donald E. Davis Arboretum Director Morgan Beadles. Read more.


Therapy Dog Visits COSAM

“I miss my yellow Labrador, Zoey, and having Daisy stop by brings a love and presence to finals week,” said Miss Auburn Lauren Davenport. Check out Daisy's visit.

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