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Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Auburn Students View Transit of Mercury

“My dad graduated from Auburn in the 1980s and I am sending him photos of this event around the globe to New Zealand,” explained Clay Vinson, a mechanical engineering major.

He not only saw Mercury for the first time, but he texted his dad more than 8,000 miles away in his native New Zealand to share photos of this Transit of Mercury.

Read more about this event that brought students, faculty and even families together


COSAM Alumnus Makes an Incredible Impact as a Transplant Surgeon

“Auburn University just in general exposed my colleagues and me to opportunities many of us never even knew existed. For me at least, the path that led to where I am today really all started here,” Dr. Sellers said. Learn more about this surgeon who performs life-saving operations.


Natural History Museum’s Plant Collection Growing, Evolving Since 1920

“If a student is interested in a particular group, such as sunflowers, it’s neat to see what we have in Alabama and the southeast, but to actually understand the family you have to look at it globally,” Hansen explained. Find out more about the John D. Freeman Herbarium of the Auburn University Natural History Museum.


Science Center Classroom Holds Memories in Time Capsule

A time capsule was placed in SCC to commemorate Auburn’s advancements in the year 2004. Learn more about what's inside the time capsule.


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Holds Staff Appreciation Luncheon

“It is absolutely essential to have an event where we can thank those who make a difference in our Department throughout the year,” shared Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Dr. Curtis Shannon. Check out this appreciation event


Alumni Meet “Pearl” - A SynDaver

“Pearl has all of her muscles and we can remove the superficial ones to reveal the deeper muscles, while she also feels and acts like living tissue. Each of the different organs feels different and realistic to its human counterparts,” said Linda Pastorello, A&P Lab Coordinator. Read more about this event where alumni had an opportunity to learn about a SynDaver

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