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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

COSAM Professors Link Bird Coloration to Bird Quality

“We really wanted to know how a simple signal could capture the overall quality of an individual bird,” Dr. Hill explained. “It makes sense that if the signal is a product of basic cellular processes like respiration, then the signal would reflect the overall quality of the individual.  Also, a link between redness and mitochondrial function would mean that when females choose sexy red males as mates, they are selecting for high mitochondrial function. Many human diseases arise from mitochondrial dysfunction, so this research has implications for biomedicine.” Read more about this groundbreaking study


Local Students Become Scientists at Destination STEM

More than 1,000 students learned about an array of exciting careers at this year's Destination STEM event. Watch a video clip to find out more about the hands-on demonstrations and interactive exhibits


Alumni Spotlight: COSAM Alumnus Wins National Institutes of Health Director’s Early Independence Award

Zach Devries received the National Institutes of Health Director’s Early Independence Award for his research on the biology, control, and health impacts of indoor pests. Learn more about this COSAM alumnus and his award-winning research


Alumni Learn How New Leach Science Center Elevates the Student Experience

Members from the COSAM's Leadership Council received a tour and learned about the new 62,500 square-foot addition that is a core center for research on campus. Read about this new facility that was smartly designed from the ground up.


COSAM Sophomore Focuses on Cancer Research

“I’ve had really good professors, really good advisors, everyone is very helpful,” Madeline said. “The courses are very challenging, but it makes it to where you actually understand the material. The COSAM classes are the best. The professors really seem to care.” Learn about this outstanding student and the research she is conducting.

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