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Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Auburn Astrophysicist Follows-up with Additional Time Granted on the Hubble Space Telescope to Chase Comet Outbursts

“The goal of this most recent project is to connect larger cometary outbursts detectable from Earth with smaller outbursts seen by spacecraft such as Rosetta and Deep Impact (typically less than one million kg). With our time on Hubble, we want to determine what processes drive them and to evaluate their effect on comet evolution,” explained Dr. Bodewits. “For this we will measure how much material was ejected, look for fragment pieces of the nucleus, and use color images to investigate the composition of the ejecta.” Learn more about the research Dr. Bodewits will be conducting using the Hubble Space Telescope.


Geology Students and Faculty Conduct Research in Rocky Mountain National Park

Faculty and students from the Department of Geosciences completed field work in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. Read more about this capstone course and how students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom directly in nature


Summer Bridge Experience Offers More than Academic Preparedness

Dr. Kimberly X. Mulligan-Guy, the COSAM assistant dean for Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, welcomed the students to the program on June 2 by expressing her passion for seeing minorities be a part of the STEM curriculum. “We don’t always get to see ourselves in STEM,” she explained. “When we talk about women, and we talk about underrepresented minorities, the numbers are low. We want to make sure that whatever it is that you’re passionate about and whatever it is that you want to do, you have a way to do that.” Check out what students have to say about this exceptional program


Why Should Students Participate in this Year’s Plainsmen’s Prep Program?

“The Plainsmen’s Prep Program helped me test into a higher math level saving me both time and the cost of tuition,” shared Madison Hogans. She participated in the Plainsmen’s Prep Program last year and is currently majoring in biomedical sciences in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM). Watch Madison explain her experience in this important program and how an incoming COSAM student can register for this program


Take a Shot and be Part of this Year’s Donald E. Davis Arboretum’s Annual Photo Contest

The Donald E. Davis Arboretum's photo contest is open to everyone. No matter your skill level, enter your photo in this annual competition. Find out more about the categories, what you can win, how to submit and guidelines. The last day to submit your photo is July 30, 2019.


Chemistry Graduate Student Receives Women's Chemist Committee/Eli-Lilly Travel Award

Jessica Krewall, a graduate research assistant in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is the recipient of the Women’s Chemist Committee/Eli-Lilly Travel Award from the American Chemical Society. See more about this award

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