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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Online Applied Mathematical Course Brings Five SEC Universities Together

“This class allows for the sharing of resources among SEC universities,” explained Dr. Lin. “Dr. Shipman and I share similar research interests in mathematical studies of wave propagation and electromagnetism. Since we both have different approaches, this collaboration provides the foundation for us to teach the students the material from each side that would simply not be possible in just one university setting.” Learn more about this class offered to students in the SEC.


Board of Trustees Leader Reflects on Impact of Auburn Faculty

“Dr. Thaxton taught my very first physics class at Auburn and then Dr. Askew taught the next two of the fundamental physics classes in the curriculum. These three outstanding educational experiences were pivotally important to my entire career.” Read more about the impact COSAM had on Mike DeMaioribus.


S.C.O.R.E. Hosts VEX IQ Day Camp to Ready Competitors

“They have to place cubes on the platforms and to score additional points they put balls on the cubes in the scoring positions,” Nguyen said. “They’re manipulating different objects in this game. It’s different game pieces and different objectives, which forces different designs.” Read more about this VEX Camp.


COSAM Advisor is “Moving Mountains” for Cancer Research

In August, Meredith will spend five days hiking the “Fire + Ice” Trek as part of Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma to support cancer research for this disease. During her time in Iceland, she will spend up to eight hours a day hiking around both fire and ice with landscapes including lava fields, volcanoes, and even glaciers. She is seen here in North Carolina preparing for her journey. Learn more about the reason she is hiking through fire and ice, and how you can support Meredith


Biochemistry Student Receives “The Distinguished Research Scholar Award” from the Honors College

“Chloe has embraced her undergraduate honors thesis research project with commitment to discovering new antiviral agents including against Ebola,” shared Dr. Stewart Schneller. “She has focused on four targets (two of which are promising) and finds lab time to reach her goals to be fulfilling yet challenging. I am proud of Chloe’s successes and the appropriateness of the Honors College award is perfect.” Learn more about her research.

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