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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


High School Students Gain Hands-On Research Experience through the Summer Science Institute

High school students participating in this year's Summer Science Institute had an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of areas including extracting DNA, observing behavior in a lab setting, and understanding solar energy conservation and storage. Find out more about the impact COSAM makes during this annual program for high-achieving students.


Dr. Sarit Dhar Selected for 5 Sigma Physicist Award from the American Physical Society

Dr. Sarit Dhar, an associate professor in the Department of Physics, has been selected to receive the 5 Sigma Physicist Award for “performing outstanding advocacy that is crucial to maintaining the strength of U.S. scientific enterprise” as mentioned in APS News, June 2019. Learn more about this impressive distinction


Auburn Researchers Publish New Hypothesis Explaining the Connection between Habitat Loss and the Global Emergence of Infectious Diseases

“We provide a testable hypothesis that we hope other researchers will try to test with their data, as we will be doing,” Schwartz said. “Whether or not these studies fully support this new hypothesis, we anticipate it will provide a new perspective that other researchers in this field can use and build on, to ultimately push this field forward to understand disease spillover and prevent it.” Read more about this new hypothesis.


Dr. Jack Feminella to Retire After 28 Years of Service

“The decision of moving out of this position and into retirement was not an easy one,” Dr. Feminella shared. “If you really love your job, you don’t want to give it up. But you want to do other things that  job doesn’t let you do, so you slowly close one door to open up another to do other things.” Read more about Dr. Feminella reflecting on 28 years with Auburn University


Dean's List - Spring 2019

Congratulations to the more than 600 students that are recognized as part of the Spring 2019 Dean's List for COSAM. Visit this page to see all of the names in alphabetical order.

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