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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Inside COSAM Labs – Martin Medina – Stalagmites and Paleoclimatology

“Every cave is a library of climate and environmental information,” Dr. Martin Medina, an associate professor in the Geosciences Department of COSAM, explains. Learn about paleoclimatology, and how stalagmites tell an incredible story regarding climate change.


COSAM Alumnus to Attend 50th Iron Bowl

This year, COSAM Alumnus Jack Moody will attend his 50th consecutive Iron Bowl. Find out more about this alumnus who attended his first Iron Bowl game in 1968.



Associate Professor of Chemistry Wei Zhan Awarded $471,772 NSF Grant to Research Liposomes with Asymmetry

Dr. Wei Zhan is conducting research on a new type of liposome that has two opposing halves — a higher level of complexity and functionality. “This research basically breaks down into two parts: how to prepare Janus liposomes and how to take advantage of their broken symmetry,” said Dr. Zhan. Learn more about the impressive research with this three-year grant.


Department of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium – Lori Alvin

Dr. Lori Alvin from Furman University presented at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics on Dynamical Systems. Find out more about her talk, “Investigating One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems.”



COSAM World-Traveler Finds Passion for Surgery

“Most of the members of the group are Biomedical Sciences students, but we all have such different approaches to it and it shows the diversity of the field,” said Nikki. “There’s so many ways you can expand on that major and it’s really interesting to see the different ways people have done that.” Check out this exceptional COSAM student.

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