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COSAM Senior Follows Passion for Math into New Career

Published: 04/28/2020

By: Carla Nelson

Auburn University senior Jarett Bache loves the challenges that studying math offers. Originally from Norcross, Ga., Jarett’s father and uncle are Auburn graduates and he grew up as an Auburn football fan. On a high school college tour, he had the chance to see campus through the eyes of a student.

“When I came to Auburn for the campus tour, there was really no other competition,” Jarett shared. “Getting the chance to see it for the first time on a non-football game day, it was a pretty easy choice for me.”

Jarett was originally interested in studying engineering, but after discovering the actuarial science curriculum in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM), his interest changed. Jarett’s father then introduced him to an actuary who dealt with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty as a profession.

“I ended up meeting with a guy who has been in the actuarial field for more than 30 years and after talking with him I really felt like it was something I would enjoy,” Jarett said. “It really interested me and I thought it was something I would be good at. It’s ended up being a really good choice.”

Jarett will soon graduate with a degree in applied mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science.

 “Getting to be part of a major where the career field you’re going to be a part of is going to have a legitimate impact on a lot of things, whether it’s the insurance world or financial world, is pretty cool,” he said of his degree choice.

Throughout his time at Auburn, Jarett has been a part of the Auburn University Honors College and worked in the Office of First Year Experience for two years as an orientation leader and then an orientation leader coordinator. He said his experience as an orientation leader helped him grow as a person.

“Through that position I became more comfortable in my own skin and a lot more comfortable in front of groups,” he said. “What helped with that is through the role you’re pretty much talking about Auburn all day every day and I love talking about Auburn. It really helped me come out of my shell and be more comfortable around new groups of people.”

Jarett has accepted a job position as an actuarial analyst in Atlanta, Ga., and said he is excited about working with math every day.

“For me, math is like a puzzle and being able to use different tools and different areas of knowledge that I have to be able to solve problems challenges me,” he said. “You have to learn something and keep getting better at something every day and I really like that aspect of it and that I’m forced to really continue to grow and develop my skills. It pushes me to be a little better every day.”


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