COSAM News Articles 2020 March COSAM Chemistry Major Worked in Emergency Rooms for Two Decades and Opened Her Own Practice

COSAM Chemistry Major Worked in Emergency Rooms for Two Decades and Opened Her Own Practice

Published: 03/09/2020

By: Melanie Vynalek

Auburn College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) alumna Debbie Stanford has spent more than two decades in the medical field.

Stanford graduated from Auburn in 1979 with a degree in chemistry. Originally, she wanted to pursue a career as either a veterinarian or a chemistry teacher, but ended up down a different path.

After completing training and general practice, Stanford began her career as a physician, working in emergency rooms for over 20 years. Now, she uses her talents in urgent care.

Stanford’s biggest accomplishment thus far – starting her own practice, she said.

Stanford always had an affinity for the subject matter she studied, but Auburn truly prepared her for the next steps in training and education in order to successfully jump-start her career.

“Critical thinking is most important to my career,” Stanford said.

To stay focused when challenges arise in the workplace, Stanford maintains a positive mindset, prays a lot, researches new or different options, and continues onto the next step.

A lot has changed on the Plains since Stanford walked campus, yet she always has with her fond memories of relaxing at Chewacla State Park, attending football and baseball games, strolling by the honeysuckle on the way to Parker, and spending time in the UB cafeteria and Sani-Freeze.

“Enjoy your time at Auburn, expose yourself to as many career options and ideas as possible,” she said.

Stanford stays connected to the university through involvement with the COSAM development office and Forever AU, as well as through alumni clubs, social media, and family and friends.

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