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Sarit Dhar
Andrew T. Hunt Endowed Professor

Research Areas: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Office: Leach Science Center 2109

380 Duncan Drive
Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-4618


Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
M.S., Indian Institute of Technology
B.S., Indian Institute of Technology

Professional Employment

Professor, Auburn University
Associate Professor, Auburn University
Assistant Professor, Auburn University
2012 - 2015
Research Scientist, Cree Inc.
2008 - 2012
Research Associate, Vanderbilt University
2005 - 2008
Graduate Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University
2001 - 2005
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Vanderbilt University
2000 - 2001

Honors and Awards

Thomas and Jean Walter Chair

Professional Activities

Member of: Materials Research Society, Electrochemical Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
NSF Panel Reviewer
Reviewer for Proprietary Proposal Review Panel (PPRP) for Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN) at Brookhaven National Laboratory, starting May 2013 for a period of two years.
Reviewer for the following journals: IEEE Electron Device Letters, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Solid State Electronics, Journal of Applied Physics, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Semiconductor Science and Technology, Nanotechnology and ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology

Research and Teaching Interests

Semiconductor materials and devices, Dielectric-semiconductor interfaces,  Ion beam modification and analysis of materials

Selected Publications

1. Zheng, T.-I. Smith, A. C. Ahyi and S. Dhar, “4H-SiC MOSFETs with boroslicate glass gate dielectric and anitimony counter-doping” IEEE Electron Device Letters, 38, 1433 (2017). Doi:

2. A. Jayawardena, A.C. Ahyi and S. Dhar, “Analysis of temperature dependent electrical characteristics of Ni / (-201) β-Ga2O3 Schottky diodes”, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 31, 115002 (2016).

3. Jiao, A. C. Ahyi, C. Xu, D. Morisette, L. C. Feldman and S. Dhar, “Phospho-silicate glass gated 4H-SiC MOS devices: phosphorus concentration dependence”, Journal of Applied Physics ,119, 155705 (2016).

4. G. Liu, B. R. Tuttle, and S. Dhar “Silicon carbide: A unique platform for metal-oxide-semiconductor physics” Applied Physics Reviews 2 021307 (2015).

5.  Jiang, M. A. Kuroda, A. C. Ahyi, T. Isaacs-smith, V. Mirkhani, M. Park, and S. Dhar “Chitosan Solid Electrolyte as Electric-Double-Layer in Multilayer MoS2 Transistor for Low-Voltage Operation” Physica Status Solidi A 212 2101 (2015) .

doi: 10.1002/pssa.201532284


Last updated: 03/24/2021