Peer Advisors

In need of some one-on-one help deciding what classes to take next semester? Needing to vent about the stress of your workload? Looking to gain information about all the COSAM resources?

You are probably looking for advice with one of these things, if not all, and if there is no advising appointment that fits your schedule – your COSAM Peer Advisors are here for you every day of the week.

A select group of COSAM juniors and seniors, Peer Advisors work closely with the COSAM professional academic advising staff to provide the highest level of services to students.

From 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. every day of the week, Peer Advisors hold open office hours in the Student Services Suite (SCC 239). This easily accessible resource offers COSAM students the opportunity to receive guidance from fellow students who have often already dealt with similar challenges during their college career.

“College can be a hectic and fast-paced experience, and quality advising is essential to navigate that. If anything, I just want to make sure that COSAM students know that it’s always okay to ask for help, and that there are so many accessible resources offered by COSAM that provide it,” said Annalee Isbell, a junior Peer Advisor in Interactive Biology.

Individually working about five office hours each week, the 16 peer advisors serve as a sort of buffer between students and advisors. In regards to the upcoming registration process, Peer Advisors have a system that allows students to obtain guidance for future semesters from them first, then they can go on to make an appointment with their academic advisor to ensure final plans and keep everything on track.

“I stay up-to-date on all the curriculums of pre-health students so that I can help students decide which classes to take and make sure they’re on track for graduation,” said Nikki Panzica, a senior Peer Advisor in Biomedical Sciences.

Panzica and other Peer Advisors recommend using all the registration resources – picking up scheduling worksheets early and using specific curriculum guides and tiger scheduler to coordinate the best fit for the upcoming semester.

“Personally, I have been reviewing my curriculum and I have planned my classes for next semester and my senior year based on the BMSC electives. I have been reviewing the curriculums for other majors and what classes are only available during one semester to prepare for unblocking appointments,” said Isabella Simmons, junior Peer Advisor in Biomedical Sciences.

In addition to assisting with advising and registration, Peer Advisors also lead the SCMH 1890 Pre-Health Orientation course. This allows them to meet with fellow students not only one-on-one but also in group settings.

While Peer Advisors put in the work each week to help others, their overarching goal is to simply positively impact the college.

“My goal is to help students succeed and enjoy their time in the college by listening to their questions and concerns and helping in whatever way I can,” said Savannah Petrus, junior Peer Advisor in Biochemistry.